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Apr 18 2016

Fighting Global Obesity Starts with You

Published by at 7:47 pm under Obesity

global-obesity-rate-epidemicWe all know that obesity is big problem of many developed countries. As a result, they spend huge amount of their yearly budget for health care services. Obesity will usually result in serious health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. These conditions lead to frequent hospitalizations and costly medical treatment.

Just recently, Lancet published a comprehensive study about obesity rates around the world. The researchers have alarming findings and warned people and governments to look at this matter carefully. A fact that we should be concerned about is our country’s contribution to global obesity rate. We are one of the six high-income countries in the world with alarming obesity rates. If not all stakeholders, including you, will not do their share to curb this obesity epidemic, then we will have a very huge problem come 2025. According to lead researcher Professor Majid Ezzati of Imperial College London, severe obesity is too extensive to be tackled with medications. The professor also said that obesity can lead to serious health consequences.

Here are some of the highlights of their research work:

• in the next 10 years, the global obesity rate is expected to reach 20 percent
• there will be more women who will be severely obese by 2025
• an estimated 55 million adults will become morbidly obese
• 21% of women and 18% of men will become obese in 2025

Help Fight the Obesity Epidemic

The fight against obesity is not only the responsibility of the government. We should also take active part in eradicating obesity. You can start by having a healthy lifestyle. It is still best if you are not part of the obese population. This medical condition is usually caused by poor food choices like opting for fast food and eating foods with high sugar and fat content.

Overeating is also a common problem of most people today. Without controlling their appetite, they can become overweight and eventually become obese. While there are supplements that can control appetite like Phentermine, the willingness of the individual to adopt healthy living is very important. In addition, adding exercise in your daily regimen will also keep obesity at bay.

The Role of Weight Loss Supplements

If you are having difficulty in maintaining your weight or you are already considered as obese, you can try a weight loss supplement. There are different types of weight loss products in the market today, so you just have to be very careful when choosing one. You can choose from fat burners, appetite suppressants, or herbal supplements, depending on your preferences.

But if you want a supplement that is proven effective in treating obesity, opt for Phentermine. This appetite suppressant has been the choice of many health care professionals and obese people because of its effectiveness. As a short-term medication for obesity, you can already expect positive results in the first few weeks of treatment.

Take a Proactive Stance

Obesity is a preventable medical condition. If you will adopt a proactive stance, you will be able to avoid this condition. For example, you have to monitor your weight, choose the food that you eat, and select the kinds of activities that you engage in. If this is the mindset of every individual, obesity will not become an epidemic today.

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