Darla’s Success Story

Darla – Woodbury MN

Total Weight Lost = 35 Pounds!

Starting Weight:
191 Pounds
Sep 18, 2013
Current Weight:
35 Pounds
Jan 12, 2014
Total Weight Loss:
35 Pounds
Jan 12, 2014
Goal Weight:
140 Pounds
July 11, 2014
Darla Before

I have to admit that my weight gain really crept up on me. I genuinely didn’t notice that I’d gained so much. Looking back I think that I was maybe in denial. When skirts and blouses got too tight, I’d just give them to goodwill and buy new one, congratulating myself on my charitable nature.

I’m a nurse by profession and it was one comment by a patient that made me realize how big I’d got. It was literally as simple as hearing myself referred to as “that fat nurse.” First of all I wondered who he was talking about. When I realized that it was me I was horrified. I suddenly thought how other people were seeing me. I’d always used words like “cuddly” or “curvy” but the reality was right there: I was fat.

I made an appointment at a weight loss clinic for some advice and it was there that they made me realize how unhealthy my life was. I had always put my aching and swollen ankles down to my job, but actually my poor body was suffering because of the extra weight I was carrying.

I was prescribed phentermine and began to take 37.5mg once a day. The burst of energy that it gave me was almost immediate! I felt like I could conquer the world! And then I lost my appetite. I really had to focus on what I was eating and when otherwise there were some days, especially if I was on a night shift that I doubt I would have eaten at all.

I was constantly monitored by the clinic and they tracked my weight loss as well as checking on my eating habits to ensure that they were healthier. After losing 20 pounds people began to notice. After 30 pounds they began to compliment me. Now I’m nearly at my goal weight of 140 pounds and I can’t tell you how happy I am.  Phentermine had been such a wonderful tool for my weight loss.

Darla After