Amy’s Success Story

Amy – Harvey IL

Total Weight Lost = 68 Pounds!

Starting Weight:
190 Pounds
Oct 18, 2011
Current Weight:
122 Pounds
May 19, 2012
Total Weight Loss:
69 Pounds
May 19, 2012
Goal Weight:
110 Pounds
Aug 1, 2012
Amy Before

In my mid-twenties I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. One of the major symptoms that I suffered from was a gain in weight. When I started at college I weighted 125 pounds. By the time I hit 30, I was 190 and pretty miserable with my life. Even though my physician told me I should lose weight because it would helped to keep the syndrome under control, I felt like I was fighting a losing battle because the syndrome and the drugs that I took to control it both added to my weight gain.

I realized that I’d have to do something serious about getting my weight under control before it spiraled.  A friend at a PCOS support group told me about phentermine and how it had changed her life. I saw my doctor and he prescribed it immediately.

I had wanted the change to be immediate, but it took a little bit longer for me, probably because of my health issues. I had a slow start, but after about two months the weight finally started to shift. I was really glad because I was on the point of giving up! Once the weight started to move, friends started to notice and I got all sorts of comments, such as “Have you had your hair done?” or “Is that new makeup that you’re wearing?”

I took up yoga and Pilates 3 times a week and this has really helped to tone my body as the weight comes off.

I won’t say that phentermine is the “easy way” to lose weight. You still need to put effort into it. There are days when I just don’t feel like eating at all or just grabbing something quickly and I know that the key to long-term change is to change my attitude to food and my eating habits. But phentermine is truly helping me to get there. I’m so glad that I discovered it!

Amy After