Tips On Buying Online

1. Always order from a U.S. Company

U.S. companies are strictly regulated compared to foreign suppliers that are not. U.S. companies need FDA approval on prescription drugs before they sell to the public. This will ensure the drug is safe and effective.

2. Never pay by Western Union.

Never pay with Western Union or MoneyGram . Any pharmacy or doctor that does not offer credit cards as a form of payment must not be trusted. Always pay with a credit card only. The credit card companies will protect you if you experience a fraudulent charge.

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3. Beware of ridiculous claims

You have heard the old cliché before, “if it`s too good to be true than it probably is”. Get the facts and be sure to put in your due diligence before you make a purchase of prescription drugs online, after all, you`re putting these substances in your body. By putting in as little as 20 minutes of research, it could save you time and money, but most important, your health.

4. Stay away from suspiciously low prices

Another way to entice the buyer to purchase is offering ridiculously low prices. Stay clear of these offers. Most of the time it`s a scam.

5. Must have good communication with supplier

If a supplier does not have a telephone number with a live person to talk to, it`s usually a bad sign. Always call the telephone number before you order. Check if there is a live person you can talk with. If the company is legitimate they will have good customer service.

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