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Mar 20 2016

Phentermine and Food Combo Can Boost Metabolism

Published by at 2:18 am under Obesity

taking-phentermine-and-foods-for-improved-metabolismSlow metabolism is the usual suspect when a person becomes obese or overweight. Most people believe that a low metabolic rate can result in the accumulation of fats and muscles. When this happen, the person will gain more weight until he or she become severely obese. However, this notion is not 100 percent supported by health care professionals since there were previous studies that showed people with higher than normal metabolic rate are also at risk of becoming obese. If you are also one of those who are not convinced about the role of the body’s metabolism in weight gain, you need to consider the latest findings of scientists from the United Kingdom.

Researchers from Cambridge University found out that there is a genetic link between slow metabolism and obesity. A mutation in KSR2 gene reduces the capability of the cells to metabolize sugar and fatty acids. These two have significant roles in providing the body its much needed energy. Gene KSR2 not only increases the appetite of an individual but also cause a slow metabolic rate. With the new findings, the researchers were able to bolster the role of metabolism in obesity. Meanwhile, another research showed how fat genes make people obese.

If you are also obese, your next best thing to do is to find ways on how to improve the metabolic rate of your body. Here are some of our recommended approaches – eating foods that help improve metabolism and take medications, such as Phentermine, to take your energy to its optimum levels.

Supercharge Your Metabolism with the Right Kinds of Foods

If there are foods that can make you fat, there are also those that can make you fit and slim. You just have to choose the right kinds of foods to avoid weight gain or reduce body weight. Here are some of our recommended foods to supercharge your metabolism:

Choose whole foods. This is the right time to be mindful of the food you eat. Choose natural, fresh, and unprocessed food.

Take some spices. It would be best if your daily menu has spices known to bolster metabolism. Some of these are chili, cayenne, turmeric, and garlic.

Opt for gluten-free diet. Some people who are serious about losing weight opt for a gluten free-diet. Take beans, legumes, potatoes, eggs, corn, dairy products, lean meat, fish, and fruits and vegetables. Avoid barley, rye, wheat, malt vinegar, and soy sauce.

High-fiber foods. Foods that contain high fiber will not only make your tummy healthy but also help improve your metabolism. Your options include whole wheat, oat bran, raspberries, banana, apples, lentils, split peas, artichoke, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

Phentermine: Another Metabolism Booster

Phentermine is known as an appetite suppressant drug and primarily used as an effective treatment for obesity. But aside from its appetite suppressing capability, the drug can also improve metabolism. Obese people who are taking the drug noted their increased energy levels during the treatment period. This positive effect helps them perform their normal activities and engage in more strenuous exercises.

By choosing the right kind of food and taking Phentermine, you will surely achieve your desired weight. These two are the perfect combination to increase your metabolism rate. And don’t forget to get professional help when opting for this weight loss approach. It is important to know the right Phentermine dosage, length of treatment, and the possible side effects. Your health care professional can also create the perfect diet plan to improve your body’s fat burning capabilities and metabolism.

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