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Feb 29 2016

What You Should Know About Phentermine-like Supplements?

Published by at 5:54 pm under Phentermine

taking-phentermine-like-supplementsThe epidemic rate of obesity in the country today encourages more companies to develop and offer new weight loss drugs in the market. Most of these drugs are sold only to those with prescription but other products can be easily purchased over-the-counter and from online health stores. The ease of access to these medicines sometimes results in self-medication and abuse. One good example is the proliferation of Phentermine-like supplements.

These supplements are sold in many health stores without the need to have a valid doctor’s prescription– the main reason why most obese users try them for their weight loss regimen. Some, however, prefer to consult with a doctor first and actually gain a prescription for the supplement before trying it out. Although it is a perfectly legal drug to use, it could have unwanted effects for employees who have to undergo regular drug screening in Columbus, OH or wherever else for that matter. Thanks to the nature of the compound in this medicine, it can sometimes trigger a false positive for amphetamines, which is why those required to take drug screening tests by their employers should make sure to bring this to the latter’s attention. Drug tests are quite common across the country, and can be useful in detecting substance abuse cases, but one should be careful to understand the possible scenarios in such tests.

That said, this brings us to the most crucial question of the day: Is opting for these types of supplements a good decision? The answer can vary depending on the circumstances of people who consume it. So, please read on and find out.

Characteristics of Phentermine-like Supplements

Overweight or obese individuals should first get enough information about the weight loss supplements that they want to take. Ingesting just any weight loss pill can be dangerous since some of them may cause serious side effects that can lead to hospitalization and even death.

So let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of Phentermine-like supplements that you can buy over-the-counter or from health stores.

• Fat burning. There are a lot of Phentermine-like pills that also act as fat burning supplements. They include ingredients that encourage burning of stored fats in the body. Some even prevent the absorption of fats in the body.

• Appetite suppressant. The prescription weight loss drug Phentermine is classified as an appetite suppressant. It is an effective medication in managing weight of obese patients. The efficacy of the drug is one of the reasons why a lot of supplements are named after or using similar branding strategies with the real Phentermine drug. Most Phentermine-like supplements add ingredients that also control appetite.

• Improved metabolism. Slow metabolism is one of the culprits why millions are considered overweight and obese. Most supplements today contain ingredients that help improve one’s metabolism. The stored fats in the body are burned more effectively and converted into energy. Most weight loss supplements also promise better weight loss by facilitating the body’s metabolism.

Usual Components of Phentermine-like Supplements

Before taking any weight loss supplement, make sure that you have read the label. This will help you identify if one of the ingredients is not safe for you. A full understanding of the functions and actions of the different ingredients will also prevent over dosage, serious complications, or abuse.

If you are keen about taking a Phentermine-like supplement, make sure that none of the ingredients will cause harsh side effects. Look for these ingredients in the label:

• Herbs and other ingredients used in alternative medicine
• Fruit and vegetable extracts
• Synthetic ingredients similar to prescription weight loss pills
• Vitamins and minerals

Is it a Safe Alternative to Real Phentermine?

Armed with the right information, you can now determine if the Phentermine-like supplement that you will be taking is a safer alternative to real Phentermine. Prescription Phentermine has already proven its efficacy in obesity treatment. But if you can find another effective option, then go for it. The most important thing is you’re losing unwanted weight without suffering from the side effects.

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