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Sep 19 2015

Avoid Supersized Meals to Guarantee Weight Loss

Published by at 7:02 pm under Weight Loss

supersized-meals-weight-lossThe obesity epidemic is not only a problem of our country but also of other nations. Despite various programs and plans of the government to eradicate obesity, the number is still increasing. In fact, more than one-third of the US adult population is considered obese. This translates to at least 78.6 million obese people, men and women. The large number is a concern of the government since they have to spend millions for anti-obesity programs. This will also increase medical costs because of the complications caused by obesity. An obese individual will be more prone to diseases like stroke, heart diseases, and type2 diabetes.

But a new study showed a possible solution to this epidemic. The researchers did not worked on new drugs for overweight or obese people but focused on how eating habits affect one’s health and weight. Dr. Gareth Hollands and his group at the Cambridge University analyzed the eating habits of 6,711 respondents. They reviewed and analyzed the possible effects of supersized meals and size of tableware in relation to food consumption.

Their conclusion showed that people will consume more food and drinks when they are offered in larger-sized portions, packages, or tableware. According to Dr Hollands, the findings highlight the important role of the external environment to an individual’s eating habits. Overeating can be avoided if the food in restaurants and homes are served in standard portions. Smaller tableware size can also help reduce food intake.

Reduced Serving Size for Weight Loss

The most important finding of Dr. Hollands’ group is the positive weight loss effect when meals are served in standard portions. Replacing large size meals with standard amounts could help an obese individual reduce calorie intake by up to 16% (for UK) and 29% (for US). This can be translated into 28 – 60 lbs. of lost weight in a year. Other factors are not yet considered in this estimate like exercising and taking anti-obesity medications.

If obese people would follow the recommendation of the researchers, losing weight will become easier. Obese people would not even think about fad dieting or other forms of weight loss methods just to achieve their desired weight. But we do admit that most obese will find it hard to follow these simple and positive changes in their eating habits.

Appetite Suppressants Can Help, Too

If you can’t resist supersized meals, your other option would be to take appetite suppressant medication. This type of drug help you curb hunger pangs and make food less appealing. When administered properly, your calorie intake will be reduced dramatically. One popular type of appetite suppressant that is available in generic or branded capsules is Phentermine. This anti-obesity drug is best taken when healthy diet and exercise is included in the weight loss plan. By reducing your food intake, engaging in regular exercises, and taking Phentermine, you’ll be able to successfully overcome your worst enemy- obesity.

There is still hope for overweight and obese people with the results of the new study. It will also help the government craft new programs or laws that will reduce the alarming rate of obesity in the country.

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