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Aug 31 2015

Scientists Discover How Fat Gene Makes People Obese

Published by at 2:43 am under Obesity

faulty-fat-gene-cause-obesityDo you wonder why you can’t just lose weight despite following a strict dieting program or engaging in routine exercises? You may have achieved temporary success while doing these programs, but you still wonder why the fat lost keeps coming back. Your condition is not only an isolated case since there are also countless obese people who are suffering from the same situation. They can’t understand why even the most popular and scientifically proven programs fail to provide their promised results.

These concerns are now answered by the latest findings of researchers from Harvard University and MIT. The study was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In the study, scientist were able to find a better explanation as to why some people can’t just lose weight. It’s all about that fat gene – FTO. Although obesity was already tied to certain fat genes, there was no clear explanation why they can make people obese. But the recent findings of scientists provide a clearer picture of the roles and functions of the fat gene to human body.

The Fat Gene that Makes You Obese

Scientists say that one of the reasons why people become obese is the presence of faulty fat genes. Instead of burning fat, this type of gene causes energy from food to be stored as fats. According to researchers, two faulty genes will make an individual more predisposed to obesity. People with these genes also weigh 7 lbs more compared with people without the faulty genes. They also noted that some of the respondents are weighing more than the average. The respondents from this study were people from Europe, Sweden, and Norway.

In another experiment, the researchers blocked the faulty genes’ effect in mice. Those that received treatment were 50 leaner compared with other mice despite their high-fat diet. They also burn more energy while asleep. Meanwhile, the tests conducted on human cells also provided similar results. Addressing the faulty gene’s effect also increased burning of fats and help restore normal metabolic function.

Findings Will Help Develop New Weight Loss Drugs

Health experts welcomed the results of the new study. They said that this will allow for the development of new weight loss medications that will not only tackle the appetite of an obese patient but will also address how their fat genes work.

Right now, the most popular weight loss drug in the market is Phentermine. It is an appetite suppressant that is used to treat and manage obesity. This drug is also believed to affect the metabolism of the obese individual but it does not directly affect the fat genes. It is more focused on controlling hunger pangs by sending signals to the brain.

With the recent findings, pharmaceutical companies will now have another opportunity to conduct further research and develop new weight loss drugs that will specifically target the fat genes. Although the process would take time and requires several clinical trials before approval, it will not be impossible to finally produce the perfect medication that will counter and correct the issues of damaged fat genes.

For the meantime, obese and overweight people should first rely on appetite suppressant drugs like Phentermine while they are still waiting for pharmaceutical companies to develop a better medication for obesity.

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