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Jun 30 2015

6 Ways to Counter the Side Effects of Phentermine

Published by at 12:10 am under Phentermine

ways-to-counter-phentermine-side-effectsThere are some obese people who are afraid to try Phentermine because of the possible side effects that it may cause. But unknown to many users, Phentermine is one of the safest prescription drugs for weight loss. When compared with other weight loss drugs in the market today, its side effects is more manageable, tolerable, and transient. With proper guidance and the will to lose weight, overweight and obese individuals can now start their weight loss regimen without worrying about any of Phentermine’s side effects.

Counter the Side Effects of Phentermine in 6 Easy Ways

In this blog, we compiled the best ways to counter the side effects of Phentermine. These 6 tips will help you avoid, control, or manage any of the known side effects of the drug. Here are the things that you should do if you are buying Phentermine for weight loss treatment:

• Drink more water. One of the common side effects of Phentermine is dry mouth, which usually occur in the first few weeks of medication. You can counter this side effect by taking more water everyday. You can also supplement your water intake by drinking fruit juices.

• Take the pill early in the morning. Some users may experience sleeplessness while on Phentermine medication. While this is transient and will end as soon as you discontinue the drug, you still have to address the problem. The best way to avoid this side effect is to take the pill early in the morning, preferably before breakfast. Taking it before breakfast will also maximize the appetite suppressing effects of the drug. If you need to take the medication twice a day, take the second dose 2-3 hours before bedtime.

• Adopt a healthy diet plan. It is a fact that Phentermine is one of the most effective anti-obesity drug in the market today. However, its efficacy will diminish if you don’t change your diet. If you still eat unhealthy foods such as those bought from fast food chains, it will be difficult to achieve your desired weight. Start preparing a healthy diet plan and count your calorie intake. You should also avoid fast foods and sugary beverages.

• Exercise regularly. Phentermine boosts your energy levels so make sure that you use your extra energy on worthwhile activities. Exercise regularly or engage in sports and other physical activities. Performing strenuous exercises in the gym will also help but not necessary.

• Don’t take contraindicated drugs. Phentermine is contraindicated with some prescription medications so make sure that you divulge your medical history to your health care provider. There are some medications that can trigger the side effects of Phentermine or aggravate other medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. A complete list of medication that should not be taken while you are under Phentermine treatment is listed here.

• Follow your doctor’s prescription. Usually, Phentermine is prescribed as a short-term treatment for obesity. Expect that your doctor will only prescribe it for up to 12 weeks. This period is already enough to shed your excess weight. The treatment may be extended for a few more weeks or discontinued even before the 3 months treatment duration, depending on your doctor’s assessment. Don’t take more than the prescribed dosage since it may result in undesirable side effects.

Be an Informed User for a Worry-free Weight Loss

Don’t be afraid of the possible side effects of Phentermine use. If you know how to counter these side effects, you can have a worry-free weight loss journey.

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