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Feb 22 2015

Withdrawal Symptoms of Phentermine Debunked

Published by at 1:53 pm under Phentermine

withdrawal-symptoms-phentermineA lot of obese people are still wary of the possible side effects of Phentermine when taken as a long-term treatment for obesity. Though the drug has manageable side effects compared with other weight loss medications, one of the side effects that scare them is the withdrawal symptom. Various published sources include it is a possible side effect when taken long-term.

Phentermine and the Withdrawal Symptoms

Phentermine belongs to the phenethylamine class of drugs and is classified as a psychostimulant drug. Its amphetamine-like composition is one of the reasons why users are warned of the possible addiction to the drug when used for a long time. In fact, most pharmaceutical companies include physical and psychological dependence as one of the possible side effects of Phentermine.

The withdrawal symptoms may appear if Phentermine is used longer than the prescribed treatment period and administered in higher doses. Perhaps, in that case, the users may even have to see a drug rehab professional for recovery. The withdrawal reactions may include fatigue, excessive drowsiness, tremors, and depression.

Users may likely experience these side effects if they suddenly stopped taking the drug. In addition, health experts usually advise patients not to take more than the recommended dose or use the weight loss drug longer than the prescribed period. Moreover, if you think that you have an addiction to Phentermine, consider seeing an expert with knowledge of drug recovery. Proper Phentermine tapering is also recommended to avoid such side effects.

Withdrawal Side Effects Not True

But a study debunked the amphetamine-like withdrawal side effects of Phentermine. According to Ed Hendricks, MD of the Center for Weight Management in Sacramento, California, abrupt cessation of Phentermine medication does not cause withdrawal symptoms. This was revealed in their study which was presented in the 20th European Congress on Obesity.

Dr. Hendricks said that the worldwide usage of Phentermine has been curtailed because of persistent fears that the drug might induce addiction. But the results of their study suggest that long-term use of Phentermine does not cause addiction.

The researchers used a modified Amphetamine Withdrawal Questionnaire to get responses from 76 subjects. These respondents have been on Phentermine medication for more than a year and their mean dose is 54 mg/day. The group recorded the responses of their subjects when they withheld the medication for 2 days. According to the researchers, the data that they have gathered failed to prove that Phentermine is really causing withdrawals symptoms. The only significant finding of the study is hyperphagia, a condition that makes an individual crave for more food or feel excessive hunger. This is not alarming since the main function of the drug is to suppress appetite.

Dr. Hendricks said, as quoted by The Medpage Today, that the evidence they have gathered strongly suggests that Phentermine is far safer than what is commonly assumed. “It is indeed unfortunate that these misconceptions hinder the availability of an effective, affordable medicine for treating obesity,” he added.

Phentermine Users Need not Worry

With these findings, obese people like you will now be more at ease while on Phentermine medication knowing that you’ll not experience the amphetamine-like withdrawal symptoms. But to be sure that you’ll not experience the other side effects of the drug, it is best to follow the advice of your health care provider. Use it as directed and never self-medicate. Obesity, though a serious medical condition, can be managed and treated as long as you are dedicated and willing to be on a monitored weight loss regimen.

Achieving a healthy weight is always possible by taking Phentermine and following a reduced-calorie diet, exercise, and positive lifestyle changes.

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