Who Gets Treated By Phentermine?

Can obese people be treated by Phentermine? Definitely! Phentermine is one of the many effective prescription medicines available in the market today that aids people who are in dire need of losing weight. If you doubt this weight loss pill, read on and see how this weight loss drug can be considered as a ticket to that much-desired figure of obese and overweight people.

How It Treats Obesity?

Phentermine helps obese people gain back that perfect shape by suppressing the number one contributor to weight gain and obesity, which is the appetite. One who is under Phentermine treatment will experience decrease of appetite as the drug has the capacity to make the person feel less hungry all the time.

Once this drug is taken, it will interact with the person’s brain and will change the level of the neurotransmitters or the brain chemicals that are responsible for the person’s mood and appetite. The drug’s main job is to control these nerves that boost the appetite and make you feel hungry. This makes Phentermine very effective in helping obese people manage and control their weight.

The Right Dosage

Like any other weight loss pill and drug, this anti-obesity drug must be taken at the right dosage.  Phentermine is a prescription medicine, meaning you cannot just take your own version of dosage no matter how serious or how fast you want the weight loss process to be.  Remember, the right dosage is a must for you to get full benefits from the drug as well as limit any possibility of side effects and complications. Normally, Phentermine dosage ranges from 15 to 37.5 mg, which can be taken either in capsule or tablet form. The right dosage depends on a person’s age, level of obesity, and health condition.

who gets treated by phentermine

Who Can Be Treated by Phentermine?

People who have obesity problems are those who can take full advantage of this drug. However, it is to be noted that not every obese person can be treated by Phentermine.

Obesity has two types- the endogenous and exogenous. The first is characterized by people who suffer from the condition due to a certain medical issue such as slow metabolism rate. The latter, on the other hand, speaks of those who suffer from obesity due to uncontrolled appetite and poor physical activity. Phentermine is usually recommended to those people under exogenous obesity.

Moreover, obese people 17 years old and above should be happy because their condition can be treated with Phentermine. However, if you fall below this age group or have certain medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, thyroid conditions, or if you are pregnant, treatment with Phentermine is only possible through a doctor’s recommendation. This is not due to the effectiveness of the pill in these groups of people but with the risks of complications and side effects when taken by younger individuals and those suffering from existing medical conditions.

Besides people with obesity problems, people who are overweight can also be treated by Phentermine. Overweight people are those who weighs more than what is normal for their age and height. Phentermine can be a good drug to aid overweight people in managing their weight through appetite control and change of lifestyle such as eating habits and exercise routines.

When and How to Take Phentermine for Weight Loss?

Phentermine should be taken orally with an empty stomach, preferably in the morning a few minutes before eating breakfast. Basically, this drug must be taken only once per day. It is not recommended to take more than the recommended dose a day as getting more tablets a day will not mean faster weight loss but can risk your chances of experiencing side effects and complications.

Phentermine treatment can be the answer to people who have overweight and obesity issues. With this drug, good results can be expected, especially when Phentermine is taken with care and caution. Plus, coupled with the right diet and exercise, Phentermine can really be an effective solution when managing and controlling weight.