Sean’s Success Story

Sean – Kyle TX

Total Weight Lost = 94 Pounds!

Starting Weight:
292 Pounds
Aug 27, 2012
Current Weight:
198 Pounds
Apr 22, 2014
Total Weight Loss:
94 Pounds
Apr 22, 2014
Goal Weight:
180 Pounds
July 1, 2014
Sean Before

I’m a middle manager and I spend most of my day sitting on my butt! And there were always sweet treats on offer at the office. Someone was always brining in donuts or brownies and it’s just so easy to snack whilst you type. Of course I noticed that my shirts were getting tight around the middle but it was when I couldn’t do the collars up any more that I figured that I needed to seriously do something.

I started really small by cutting out the sugar in my coffee and not having any soda. I know that it doesn’t sound a lot but it was a really big deal to me at the time. I started to take fruit in to work with me so I could snack as much as I wanted without hitting the cookies so much. My wife was great- she’d make me up a fruit box every morning and put little notes in there, just saying things like “Go for it” and “I believe in you!’

Within four weeks I had lost a stone! But I was still hungry all the time. Despite all my good intentions, fruit just didn’t do it for me in the same way that cookies did! One of my work colleagues told me about phentermine and I decided to give it a go. I saw my doctor and he said it was safe for me to start so I ordered online and began the same day that my first bottles arrived. I was totally ready to do this!

Phentermine works by literally sitting on all those feelings of hunger that you get. And, boy, had I been feeling hungry! I think that everyone in the office could hear my stomach rumbling. With the help of phentermine I could suppress all those feelings of hunger and emptiness and my weight loss really sped up. I started to do a bit more exercise, just taking the stairs instead of the elevator and speeding up my walk from the bus stop. And I literally felt the weight fall off me.  I became obsessed with standing on the scales because I was so proud of my accomplishments!!

Phentermine has been central to my weight loss. I really doubt that I could have done it without it. I’m now wearing size 32 pants, although it’s taking my brain a bit quicker to catch up because I still reach for the size 46 in the store!

Sean After