Sara’s Success Story

Sara – San Clemete CA

Total Weight Lost = 54 Pounds!

Starting Weight:
206 Pounds
Jun 8, 2012
Current Weight:
152 Pounds
Feb 12, 2013
Total Weight Loss:
54 Pounds
Feb 12, 2013
Goal Weight:
130 Pounds
July 1, 2013
Sara Before

My husband left me when our son, Brett, was 5. I never intended to be a single parent and I took it really hard. I began to eat for comfort and, because I never went out, for boredom. I developed a really unhealthy relationship with food. It was basically a comforter, something that kept me company and made me feel happier. And my portion control went through the roof. I would pile food on my plate and force myself to eat it, regardless of how hungry I was. I would finish Brett’s food if he left any at dinner and I would always make too much so that there were plenty of leftovers to snack on.

One day Brett came back from school and asked me not to go pick him up any more. I could see that he was upset. When I finally got out of him what the matter was, he admitted that some kids at school were teasing him because his mom was so fat. I was mortified. I hadn’t realized that my size might affect Brett’s life so directly. It was quite literally at that moment that I decided to do something about it and that I had let things get out of control for far too long.

That night I googled “weight loss supplements” and started to do my homework. There are so many on the market that I was completely overwhelmed. It really took a long time to sort the good from the bad, as it were! I went to my physician and asked for a prescription for phentermine. He could see that I was serious so he gave me a three months supply of Adipex with strict instructions to use it as part of a whole life change.

I didn’t need telling twice! The next day I joined a gym and I went through all my kitchen cupboards and threw out all the processed foods.  I was so determined to make this work. I put a photo of Brett on the refrigerator door so that I never forgot why I was making this change.

The Adipex was a lifesaver. It stopped me feeling hungry and also gave me so much more energy. I used that energy down at the gym, on the treadmill. The only side effect that I had from the Adipex was a dry mouth, which was a small price to pay for its benefits. I just made sure that I always carried a bottle of water with me wherever I went.

When I went back to my physician after those first three months, I had dropped 54 pounds! He prescribed me another three months and then I’ll go back again to check on my progress. Brett is already thrilled to be getting one of the yummy mommies instead of the fat mom that I used to be!

Sara After