Herbal Phentermine: Is it A Safe Alternative to Prescription Phentermine?

Phentermine is widely accepted nowadays because of its effective weight loss properties. However, there are a lot of talks regarding today’s Phentermine mainly because of the side effects it can bring. With the introduction of herbal Phentermine, is it right to say that there is already a safe alternative to prescription Phentermine today? Read on and find out what really herbal Phentermine is and whether or not it can be trusted as a safe alternative to Phentermine.

Prescription Phentermine vs. Herbal Phentermine

Prescription Phentermine has one active ingredient, which is phentermine hydrochloride. Though its appetite suppressing properties is beyond effective, there are problems with its safety. Taking Phentermine can offer serious side effects such as headache, dizziness, insomnia, chest pain, nausea, high blood pressure, impotence, and a lot more.

On the other hand, herbal Phentermine claims to be a safer alternative given its all-natural properties. This non-prescription Phentermine works just the same as its counterpart, only safer. Its all-natural ingredients including green tea, alpha lipoic acid, white willow extract, and other herbs are known to promote better metabolism and increased energy while suppressing the appetite. Some brands also contain B-complex vitamins and minerals that are also helping in the weight loss process. This makes herbal Phentermine an ideal weight loss drug as it does not only work to curb food cravings but also promote burning of calories.

The Benefits of Herbal Phen

There are a lot of known benefits herbal Phentermine has as compared to its prescription counterpart. First, and the most obvious, is its safety. Being made with all natural ingredients, herbal Phentermine is not expected to cause serious side effects that prescription Phentermine can bring. Though herbal Phentermine can bring side effects one way or another such as irritability, insomnia, and nervousness, the negative effects are not at all that serious of a threat to the health of the consumer.

Besides this, herbal Phentermine is a non-prescription diet pill. Hence, it does not require close supervision of a professional when taking one. With this, it can be easily purchased by anyone.  Plus, herbal Phentermine is cheaper.

No Serious Health Risks

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As stated, one of the benefits of herbal Phentermine is it does not pose serious health risks as compared to prescription Phentermine. However, is it really enough to say that this kind of appetite suppressant drug is safer than its counterpart?

One thing about herbal Phentermine is it does not require approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As compared to prescription Phentermine, a controlled substance, has gained the approval of the FDA. Meaning, it is known for its effective results but must be properly controlled to avoid serious health problems due to improper usage.

But still, the question of whether or not this is a safer alternative to Phentermine is shadowed by a lot of issues. First, there are a lot of herbal Phentermine proliferating in the market especially online. Every type of herbal Phentermine contains different ingredients. Most of these ingredients claims and promises good weight loss results. There is also a common misconception of people that since it has Phentermine in its name, it is greatly similar to the prescription drug. However, the truth is that herbal Phentermine may have similar properties as that of the prescription pill but it is not a direct counterpart.

Safer Alternative to Prescription Phentermine

Herbal Phentermine has its own unique properties. Hence, it is different from the prescription Phentermine. This is an herbal version that can promise weight loss in suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism. There are already proofs that herbal Phentermine is safe and effective in curing obesity. We can say that herbal phentermine is a safer alternative to prescription Phentermine.