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Sep 18 2016

Your Guide to Permanent and Healthy Weight Loss

Published by under Weight Loss

guide-permanent-healthy-weight-lossAchieving permanent weight loss is the common dilemma of most obese individuals. Keeping those unwanted fats from coming back seems to be the most difficult part for most of them. In fact, there are a lot of obese people who complain about gaining weight just months after completing a professionally guided weight loss program.

If this is a common scenario, then do you have to be content on the possibility of gaining your weight back after a rigorous weight loss regimen or expensive treatment? Is there a working solution to keep your normal healthy weight? Please read on to get some great ideas on how to achieve permanent and healthy weight loss.

Setting Your Weight Loss Goal

Setting your goals right is the first step to achieving positive weight loss result. You should consider your current health condition, BMI, and lifestyle before setting a particular weight loss goal. For example, losing 10 pounds in a month is more achievable for an overweight or obese individual. However, severely or morbidly obese people who may set higher goals will require close doctor supervision. Working on a fast weight loss program may not be beneficial for you if there are other risk factors involved. Your doctor will consider health risks, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Guide to Effective Weight Loss

The success of your weight loss goal largely depends on your commitment to lose weight regardless of the difficulties that you may encounter. Sometimes it is not necessary to adopt a complex weight loss program just to achieve your desired weight. Again, there is still hope for people who always fail in losing weight. If you are one of them, please consider the simple guide listed below. With your commitment, you can surely achieve permanent and healthy weight loss.

Ask for expert help. Many overweight and obese individuals fail because they don’t seek professional help. Taking just any weight loss medication or adopting a diet plan will not guarantee that you will achieve great results. Remember that your body is different from others, so it may respond differently to popular weight loss treatment. A low carb diet may not suit you if you are an active person. Restricting your food intake may also result in malnutrition, which is not good for your body. The thing that you should do before getting into a program is to consult an expert. You may even need several people to help you succeed in your goal. Get in touch with a doctor, a nutritionist, and a physical fitness trainer to guide you in your efforts.

Choose your weight loss medication. Don’t just buy any weight loss supplement. It is always best to follow the recommendation of your doctor and make sure that the drug is prescribed after a thorough evaluation of your health condition. Usually, an appetite suppressant is the first medication that your doctor will prescribe. Appetite suppressants are safer options because they effectively lower your food cravings. With lower food intake, there will be no extra fat to store in your body. They also provide extra energy for your daily activities and improve the metabolism of your body. A popular appetite suppressant that you can try is Phentermine. You can choose the generic or branded ones, depending on your preferences. This weight loss drug is available in online health stores and pharmacies nationwide. Please take note that this drug can be purchased only if you have a valid prescription.

Healthy lifestyle is still key. Probably, there will be no obesity epidemic if everybody have healthy lifestyle. However, the current culture, work environment, and sedentary lifestyle of most people play major roles in the increasing obesity rate in the country today. If you want to achieve permanent and healthy weight loss, change your lifestyle. Eat healthy foods, engage in sports or any physical activity, and avoid vices.

Maintain Your Healthy Weight

You may have succeeded in attaining your desired weight, but weight rebound could be your next problem. Don’t worry. This problem can be easily prevented if you commit to a healthier lifestyle. Stick to a healthy diet and continue your regular exercises to maintain your normal weight. You should also avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Since appetite suppressant medications are recommended only for short term treatment, your best option now is to eat foods that are known to suppress appetite. This way, you will be able to avoid uncontrolled eating.

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Sep 08 2016

5 Factors to Consider Before Taking Phentermine

Published by under Phentermine

factors-to-consider-before-taking-phentermineIn a recent study, health experts found compelling evidences on obesity’s link to serious health conditions, particularly cancers. From the previous 5 types of cancers linked to obesity, they added 7 more after careful analysis of thousands of obesity cases from around the world. In another study, researchers also found out that the mortality rate of an obese individual is higher compared with those with normal weight. These are only some of the recent developments in the study of obesity and its effects on an individual’s health. If you have a BMI of more than 30, you should be worried about these findings. You must seek professional help to avoid the complications and serious effects of having an abnormal weight.

Some of your options include taking weight loss medications, adopting a strict diet plan, enrolling in a weight loss program, or going for a surgery. The latter is usually the last option if all the weight loss options fail. But a surgical procedure is expensive and too risky for those with other medical conditions. Our recommendation for you is to consider taking weight loss medications like appetite suppressant drugs. This particular type of medication is considered safe and more effective compared to other weight loss drugs in the market. An example of this drug is Phentermine, which is the most prescribed appetite suppressant for overweight and obese people.

5 Factors to Consider

Phentermine is known in the weight loss industry for its ability to treat obesity. Its potency has been proven by countless obese patients around the world. Former users can testify to the immediate and dramatic weight loss effects of the drug. Most of them were able to lose weight up to 20 lbs. in the first few weeks of medication. With these benefits, you’ll surely try this appetite suppressant pill. But, don’t just take this drug without consulting a health care professional. Your doctor should determine first if Phentermine is suited for your current health condition.

Here are the 5 factors to consider before taking Phentermine for weight loss:

1. Serious illness. It is very critical to consult a certified weight loss doctor before you decide to take this drug. Your doctor knows the kinds of illnesses that will be triggered or affected by Phentermine intake. You should also help your doctor in making the right diagnosis by sharing vital information about your health. Some of the diseases or health conditions that may affect your treatment include heart diseases, diabetes, overactive thyroid, and some type of cancers.

2. Planning to get pregnant. If you are planning to get pregnant, avoid taking Phentermine. Doctors will always advice you to avoid taking medications before, during, and after pregnancy. Phentermine is not exempted from the list. The drug may affect the development of the fetus and may be ingested by babies during breastfeeding sessions. If you want to lose some weight before getting pregnant, make sure that you take the drug months before your planned pregnancy.

3. Taking medications for other diseases. Phentermine is not recommend for obese patients who are taking medications for other health conditions. In fact, there are 469 drugs that may interact with Phentermine. Some of the drugs that are contraindicated with Phentermine are as follows: anti-depressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, antacids, carbonic anhydraze inhibitors, and guanadryl. For a complete list of drugs contraindicated with Phentermine, please read this article.

4. Willingness to change lifestyle. Majority of obesity cases in the country today are caused by unhealthy lifestyle. Experts agree that an effective weight loss program should include the patient’s willingness to change his or her lifestyle. If you are a couch potato, a fast-food lover, or a binge eater, you will surely end up overweight or obese. Vices can also contribute to your weight gain, so avoid or stop them right away.

5. Completing the weight loss program. Some people fail to achieve their weight loss goal because they easily give up when they don’t get positive results during the first few weeks of treatment. If you want to be successful in losing your excess weight, you should complete the program. Take note that your body’s response to Phentermine may be different from those who have experienced faster weight loss. Be patient. With the right weight loss program and constant monitoring of a health expert, you will surely achieve your desired weight in a short period of time.

Achieve Positive Weight Loss Results

There are no secret formula to achieving positive weight loss. Your determination and ability to follow a guided weight loss program will help you succeed in this area. Some people fail because they only rely on a particular weight loss approach. While Phentermine is proven effective, you should still opt for a more comprehensive treatment such as combining exercise and healthy diet with your Phentermine treatment.

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Aug 31 2016

More Types of Cancers Linked to Obesity

Published by under Obesity

cancer-linked-to-obesityA recent study revealed that most types of cancers are linked to obesity. Researchers also found out that obese people are more susceptible to various types of cancers if the condition is not treated effectively. They were able to identify at least 13 types of cancers that have a direct link to obesity. According to Dr Graham Colditz, the chairman of the working group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, these cancers account for 42% of all new cancer diagnosis.

Types of Cancers to Worry About

An obese individual has a higher risk of getting cancer because of the effects of fats in the body. Excess body fat causes chronic inflammation, abnormal glucose metabolism, and disturb the regulation of sex hormones. These factors are the typical culprits in the development of cancer cells in the body. The fatter the person is, the higher his or her risk of getting one type of the dreadful disease.

The types of cancers associated with obesity are the following:

• postmenopausal breast cancer
• colorectal cancer
• uterine cancer
• kidney cancer
• adenocarcinoma of the esophagus
• gallbladder cancer
• liver cancer
• pancreatic cancer
• ovarian cancer
• thyroid cancer
• multiple myeloma
• gastric cardia
• meningioma

Preventing Obesity with Proven Methods

More than two-thirds of American adults are considered overweight or obese. This number is expected to rise even with the availability of modern methods of treatment. In fact, there are countless medications and weight loss methods available. However, a huge percentage of people still find it very difficult to lose weight. Aside from genetic predisposition, lifestyle and poor eating habits are also common factors in the obesity epidemic.

The recent findings of health experts should be an eye-opener for everyone. If you are one of those who are overweight or obese, you should be worried about your condition. You need a drastic solution to avoid getting any of the diseases mentioned above.

Here are some of your options:

Take appetite suppressant drugs. There are various weight loss drugs in the market today and choosing the right one is not easy. To be safe opt for proven weight loss medications such as appetite suppressant drugs. The most popular pill today is Phentermine. This obesity medication suppresses the appetite of the individual, thus reducing his or her food intake. It also enhances metabolism and provides additional energy to the user. The good thing about Phentermine is that the recommended treatment duration is only 12 weeks or 3 months. You can already enjoy the positive weight loss results during this period.

Adopt a healthy diet plan. Other studies revealed that poor eating habits contribute to the ballooning number of obese people in the country. While the solution may be simple, changing the norm is a bit difficult. People are still hooked on fatty foods, sugary products, and high carbo diet. If you are also one of them, start changing your diet now. Adopt a healthy diet plan that also promotes weight loss. Never engage in fad diets since they can result in more problems, such as dehydration, malnutrition, and even serious medical complications. Just choose the right type of food, eat in moderation, and ensure that there are food items that can help burn the excess fats in your body.

Engage in a more active lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle is also one of the reasons why a lot of people are now overweight and obese. You can counter this by engaging in more physical activities such as exercising and participating in sports activities. You don’t have to perform heavy workouts just to achieve your desired weight. Jogging, brisk walking, and other mild exercises will help burn those nasty fats.

Take a Holistic Approach to Combat Obesity

People who are successful in their weight loss program usually take a holistic weight loss approach. They opt for a comprehensive weight loss regimen to ensure positive results. You can also do this by adopting a healthy diet, doing regular exercises, and taking medications such as Phentermine.

You should act now to avoid getting any of the 13 cancers mentioned above.

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Aug 27 2016

Can Phentermine Improve Your QOL?

Published by under Obesity

phentermine-weight-loss-quality-of-lifeObesity is a serious medical condition that affects not only the physical but also the emotional and social well-being of a person. Most obese individuals have very low self-esteem due to their over-sized body and inability to socialize with other people. A person’s overall productivity is also affected, whether in home, office or school. As a result, obese people tend to have poor Quality of Life (QOL).

If you are also overweight or obese, you might be experiencing the same dilemma. But don’t fret. There are a lot of things you can do to improve the quality of your life. You need to be ready to change, be more focused, and adopt a proven weight loss plan to manage your weight. You can undergo medical treatment or opt for simple weight loss approaches such as engaging in physical activities, exercises, and sports. You also need to eat healthy foods, particularly those that promote weight loss. Avoid fatty foods, sugar, and too much carbohydrates since they are the culprits of weight gain. However, you must shun fad diets since some of them are not effective and may result in starvation.

You will have a better QOL if you adopt a healthy lifestyle and take medicines that will help you lose weight. There are prescription medicines and supplements that are proven effective in treating obesity, so you just have to choose the one that will suit your condition. And one of the best options is Phentermine, which is a popular weight loss drug in the market today.

Is Phentermine the Right Solution?

Our answer is yes. There are countless users who can attest to the effectiveness of Phentermine as a weight loss medication. They were able to lose weight in a short period of time without experiencing serious side effects. With the right dosage together with a sound weight loss plan, Phentermine is the perfect solution to your problem. We have seen numerous obese people who were able to return to their normal lives because of Phentermine. You can also achieve the same results if you will try this weight loss drug.

Seek Professional Help for Your Weight Loss

Obesity can ruin your life if you allow it to happen. As mentioned, most obese people have poor QOL because they let the disease ruin them – physically, mentally, and socially. These problems can be avoided by seeking the help of professionals. These professionals will help you ensure the success of your weight loss journey by providing expert advice and prescribing the right methods and medications.

The first thing that you should do is to consult a weight loss doctor. He or she can perform proper diagnosis and recommend the weight loss treatment that will suit your needs or condition. You may also need a dietitian or a nutritionist to create a diet plan that will not deprive your body with vital nutrients and vitamins. Engaging in physical activities is always a part of a comprehensive weight loss program, so you may also need a fitness trainer to help you come up with a plan that will work for your body. A therapist or counselor will also be a great help if you are experiencing depression and low self-esteem.

Once you achieved a healthy and normal weight, you will surely have a more enjoyable, more productive, and happier life. If you want to experience a better Quality of Life, don’t forget to ask your doctor about the appetite suppressant drug Phentermine.

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Aug 16 2016

5 Myths About Phentermine Use

Published by under Phentermine

myths-about-phentermine-useThere are still a lot of obese people who are not familiar with the weight loss drug Phentermine. Some of them are hesitant to take the drug because of the wrong information they get from friends and online sources. There are even several myths about Phentermine use that many people still believe up to this day. Please read on and find out the reasons behind these myths. This list will also help you change your perception about the said weight loss drug.

5 Phentermine Myths Explained

Among the weight loss drugs available in the market today, Phentermine is on top of the list when it comes to safety and efficacy. However, the myths surrounding this drug shun potential users and may even cause undesirable results if followed. Here are the top 5 myths about Phentermine use:

1. Long-term use is okay. Phentermine is not recommended for long-term use. The typical treatment period is 12 weeks or 3 months. After this period, you should have attained your weight loss goal. Taking this anti-obesity drug longer than the prescribe period can result in undesirable side effects. Its weight loss effect is also lessened because of your body’s increased tolerance to the drug.

2. Cause withdrawal symptoms. Many obese patients are still hesitant to try this drug because of its perceived addicting properties. Most medical journals list withdrawal as one of the possible side effects of the drug. But an independent study revealed that there is no truth about this claim. While it is grouped into the amphetamine class, Phentermine does not cause withdrawal symptoms even when administered in higher doses or longer than the prescribed period.

3. Higher dose is always better. Phentermine is available in 15mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg capsule or tablet. Usually, your doctor will prescribe the lowest dose to assess the reaction of your body. It can be increased if the expected amount of weight loss is not achieved. However, doubling the dosage is not recommended since it can trigger serious side effects. The highest dose that you can take is 37.5mg per day.

4. Use combi-drug treatment for better weight loss. If you believe that combining Phentermine with other weight loss drugs is more effective, you are wrong. This drug should not be taken with other appetite suppressants or pills intended for weight loss. Phentermine is a potent medication, so taking other weight loss drugs may result in more side effects and serious complications. Your best option is to adopt a healthy diet and follow proven weight loss exercises.

5. Buying without a prescription. Another myth about Phentermine is it can be bought without a prescription. This drug is a Schedule IV substance, so it can only be purchased with a prescription. Whether you choose the branded or generic ones, you need a valid prescription before you can buy from pharmacies or online health stores. Though, many Phentermine-like pills can be purchased over-the-counter without a prescription. They are classified as supplements but not as controlled substances.

Be an Informed Phentermine User

Losing weight is a difficult task for an obese person like you. But with positive mindset, correct information, and right medication, you can combat obesity and live a healthier and happier life. Use Phentermine to achieve all these. But take note that medication alone will not guarantee your weight loss success. You have to change your lifestyle, eat foods for weight loss, and engage in physical activities. With this regimen, you can surely lose that extra weight and become healthy again.

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Aug 07 2016

Are You Worried of Phentermine Addiction?

Published by under Phentermine

phentermine-addiction-weight-lossAddiction is one of the side effects that you don’t want to experience after a successful weight loss treatment. There are some synthetic weight loss medications that can possibly cause withdrawal symptoms or increase the rate of becoming addicted to the drug. These undesirable effects can happen to any user, especially after completion of the obesity treatment program.

One of the weight loss drugs that is very popular among overweight and obese people is Phentermine. This pill is an effective medication for obesity. However, one of the listed possible side effects of the drug is addiction. This information has shunned a lot of would-be users who need immediate treatment. They are afraid that it would be very difficult for them to stop taking the medication because of its addictive properties.

But is it really true that Phentermine is addictive? Please read on to find the truth about the real effects of Phentermine.

Amphetamine-like Composition

The main reason why Phentermine is being labeled as an addictive drug is its composition or structure. Based on health publications online, this drug has a characteristics similar to amphetamines. The latter is known to cause addiction when used inappropriately. Both drugs are classified as psychostimulant and target the central nervous system. Since Phentermine and amphetamines belong to the same classification, caution is required when taking the drug. They are only taken with proper prescription and guidance from a health care professional.

New Study Claims Phentermine not Addictive

For obese people who are still afraid to take Phentermine because of a possible addiction, worry no more. Researchers have found out that the drug will not cause addiction or let you suffer withdrawal symptoms. The objective of the study is to determine if Phentermine treatment will induce abuse, psychological dependence, and drug craving in overweight, obese, and patients under weight loss maintenance. The respondents of this particular study were obese patients who were long-term users of Phentermine.

The methods used by researchers were similar to the ones used in addictive drugs. For example, the questionnaires and measurements used include Severity of Dependence Scale (SDS), 45-item Cocaine Craving Questionnaire-NOW (CCQ-NOW), Module K of the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI-SUD), and Amphetamine Withdrawal Questionnaire (AWQ). These tools were modified to suit for the Phentermine study.

The results were as follows:

• The interviews under the MINI-SUD method revealed negative results for Phentermine abuse or psychological dependence.
• Both long-term and short-term users of Phentermine have low SDS examination scores. This mean that the patients were not psychologically dependent upon Phentermine.
• The PCQ-NOW scores were low for all types of users, whether they are under long-term or short-term treatment. The scores showed that the drug doesn’t cause drug craving.
• Amphetamine-like withdrawal symptoms did not occur after an abrupt cessation of Phentermine intake.

Go for Safe Weight Loss Drugs

If someone tells you that Phentermine is a dangerous obesity drug, you can immediately say that he or she got the wrong information. Phentermine is actually the safest drug in its class and does not pose serious side effects when prescribed by a doctor. You can now ease your worries and start your weight loss regimen with Phentermine. Again, this obesity drug is safe, non-addictive, and does not induce drug craving. You can also stop anytime without worrying about withdrawal symptoms.

Become a healthy and productive person by losing your weight . Opt for Phentermine treatment now

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Jul 31 2016

6 Reasons Why Phentermine is Still the Top Choice of Obese People

Published by under Phentermine

top-choice-phentermine-obese-peopleObesity is still one of the causes of high mortality rate in the US. The increasing number of deaths associated to obesity-related illnesses is already alarming. In fact, recent studies revealed that in the next 5 years, the obesity rate in the country would reach more than 20 percent. If you are included in this statistics, it’s high time to make a decision. Take away those excess fats by engaging in a weight loss regimen. It is also best if you go to a specialist to treat your condition. Obesity is a health condition that is difficult to treat and may require a comprehensive method of treatment to achieve positive results.

Since obesity is already a serious health condition, a typical exercise regimen will not provide your needed cure. Relying on fad diets alone is also not a good idea. Some of them do not offer long-term benefits. So if these options are not 100 percent effective, what is the best treatment method that you should try? Our answer is Phentermine. This weight loss drug has been proven effective in the treatment of obesity. Since its introduction in the market decades ago, the drug has helped countless obese people to return to their normal lives.

6 Reasons Why You Should Pick Phentermine

Among the weight loss pills available in the market, Phentermine was able to prove its effectiveness. Thousands of obese individuals can attest to the potency of the drug and the number of highly satisfied Phentermine users is still increasing. Here are the top 6 reasons why Phentermine is still the top choice of most obese individuals:

Affordable. Not all obese patients can afford to spend huge amount for their weight loss medications. Phentermine is priced affordable so even if you are on a tight budget, you can still take the medicine to jumpstart your weight loss. You can save more if you buy larger bottles or choose the generic ones.

Short-term treatment. Unlike other weight loss pills that you should take for years, Phentermine is only recommended for short-term treatment. The usual length of treatment is 3 months. But this period will already give you positive results.

Once-a-day dose. If you are a very busy person, missing a dose is a common scenario. Taking medicines three times a day is also annoying sometimes. But with Phentermine, you can avoid these concerns. This weight loss pill is taken as a once-a-day medication, preferably early in the morning.

Transient side effects. The great thing about Phentermine is that the side effects are usually transient. Once you stopped taking the drug, the side effects will also disappear. Moreover, the side effects are usually mild in nature and can be easily manage or controlled.

Effective weight loss pill. If you will compare the effectiveness of Phentermine to other weight loss drugs, the former is the clear winner. Phentermine will help you lose weight by curving your appetite. With less food intake and adopting a healthy lifestyle, the weight loss process is hastened.

Encourage healthy living. Another reason why Phentermine becomes a very popular drug for weight loss is its overall effect on an obese individual. Doctors will recommend changes in your lifestyle to maximize the positive weight loss effects of the drug. These changes include eating healthy foods, engaging in regular exercise and physical activities, and avoiding alcohol and other vices.

Healthy and Long-term Weight Loss

People who want to experience healthy and long-term weight loss choose Phentermine. Now it’s your turn to try this wonder obesity pill. But don’t rush to your nearest pharmacy since this medication is a prescription-only drug. Consultation with your health care practitioner is always necessary to help you choose the best weight loss pill.

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Jul 26 2016

Fad Diets vs Phentermine for Weight Loss

Published by under Weight Loss

fad-diets-phentermine-weight-lossFad diets continue to lure people because of their quick weight loss claim. Proponents of these types of diets usually guarantee that the weight loss method will work for all people. The extensive marketing in print, TV and other forms of media is also one of the reasons why a lot of obese people are inclined to try and adopt such type of dieting. Most companies also use celebrities and well-known personalities as endorsers of their weight loss product or diet method. But fad diets are not fool-proof weight loss method. We have seen a lot of dieting programs that can’t live up to their promises. Some of them only offer temporary weight loss while others can only offer minimal amount of weight loss.

Meanwhile, weight loss pills are also popular options for overweight and obese individuals. They come in different forms and are more reliable treatment methods for obesity. However, the downside with weight loss pills is that they have different functions and effects. There are pills that will suppress your appetite while others will enhance your metabolism. You also need to get a prescription to buy one. Though, some of them are available over-the-counter. An example of an appetite suppressant pill that is widely used for weight loss is Phentermine. It is a prescription drug and primarily used for obesity treatment.

Fad Diets vs Phentermine

If you are only given two options for your weight loss regimen, which one would you choose? Fad diets or Phentermine? For some they would choose fad diets because they believe that losing weight through food is the safest option. However, this is not always the case. There are some fad diets that can also cause complications and other serious side effects. Let’s take for example a popular fad diet: Carb-free diet. This option restricts the individual’s intake of carbohydrate but does not limit consumption of fats. The body converts fats into energy, which then results in weight loss. This may seem a very simple and great weight loss approach. But take note that this type of fad diet can lead to a serious health problem. Dieters usually increase their intake of meat products that are high in saturated fats. This could result in an increased risk of getting heart diseases.

Most of the fad diets out there limit the consumption of food, which results in starvation and inadequate intake of vital nutrients. They may not contain enough vitamins and minerals to aid the body in its normal functions. Some of these nutrients include iron, vitamin D, calcium, and fiber. And it is also a fact that some of these fad diets will only offer temporary weight loss.

On the other hand, taking Phentermine can be your ticket to achieving a healthy and normal weight. The effectiveness of this drug has been proven by countless users and patients around the country. In fact, this is the recommended weight loss pill by most health care professionals today.

The good thing about Phentermine is that you won’t have to starve yourself just to get your desired weight. You can lose weight by doing regular exercises, eating healthy food, and taking the drug as prescribed by your doctor. Overweight and obese people usually experience positive results in the first few weeks of treatment.

Phentermine is one of the safest weight loss drugs. The side effects are usually mild and transient. By following the recommended dose and length of treatment, you won’t have to worry about getting ill during the treatment period. If you feel any undesirable effects, your doctor can easily control or manage them.

Choosing the Better Weight Loss Option

Before taking any weight loss drug or following a dieting program, you must always weigh its positive and negative effects on your body. You must also consult your doctor to help you choose the right weight loss option. While trying fad diets may be an exciting endeavor for some, it is still better to choose tried and tested weight loss options. The next time you visit your doctor, why not ask more information about Phentermine? We’re sure that this drug will help you lose weight in no time.

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Jul 18 2016

Taking Phentermine to Curb Obesity-linked Premature Deaths

Published by under Obesity

obesity-shorter-lifespanA recent study revealed that obesity can shorten the lifespan of an individual up to 10 years. The study, which was recently published in the Lancet, was able to establish the effect of obesity on the mortality rate of overweight and obese individuals. Researchers based their data from more than 10 million obese people from 32 countries. Their figures were sourced from 239 large studies conducted from 1970 to 2015.

Researcher also found out that obese men are at a greater risk than women. Other notable findings are enumerated below:

• Overweight. People who are overweight tend to lose 1 year of life expectancy on average.

• Moderately obese. These people have a BMI of 30-34.9 and will lose about 3 years. Their risk of dying before the age of 70 is 29.5%.

• Severely obese. Expect to have a shorter lifespan or lose about 10 years of your life expectancy if you are severely obese. You will have a greater chance of dying before you reach the age of 70.

Health Risks of Being Obese

People who are overweight or obese are more prone to other health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even some form of cancers. The premature deaths could be the result of these diseases or associated with these health issues. Psychological and social issues can also affect the quality of life of obese individuals. Health experts agree that obesity epidemic should be addressed immediately to avoid the high mortality rate. If the trend will not stop, it may become a norm not only in North America but also in other countries around the globe.

Controlling Weight Gain: Your First Defense

If you are overweight or obese, your best option is to take weight loss medications before it’s too late. The complications of obesity will not only make your life miserable but may also drain your pockets because of costly hospitalizations. There are a lot of available medical interventions that you can choose from, depending on your current health condition. For severely or morbidly obese, a more comprehensive obesity treatment is necessary. Meanwhile, people with 25 up to 35 BMI can undergo simpler treatment. In fact, they can lose weight by just changing their lifestyle or taking an appetite suppressant medication.

Is Phentermine Your Solution to Avoid Premature Death

The study has already proven the link between obesity and premature death. If you don’t want to lose the 10 precious years of your life, it’s time to take a concrete action now. Take medications that effectively control weight gain or encourage weight loss. One of your best options is to take Phentermine. This drug is an appetite suppressant that has been used for decades for obesity treatment. It is an effective medication since users can already feel the positive effects in just a short period of time. It is usually prescribed or recommended as a 12-week obesity treatment.

To achieve long-term benefits, health care experts will also recommend lifestyle modification. During and after the treatment, you have to adopt healthy dieting and engage in regular exercise. People who followed this treatment are successful in their weight loss goal.

Just make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any weight loss medication. Remember, Phentermine is a prescription-only drug, so you need a valid prescription from your doctor to get one. Getting professional advice is always recommended since you will be dealing with your body. People who self-medicate are more prone to complications and may even fail in achieving their desired weight.

Taking Phentermine to curb obesity-linked premature deaths can be a simple solution to this worldwide epidemic.

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Jul 10 2016

Is Non-Prescription Phentermine Right for You?

Published by under Phentermine

taking-non-prescription-phenterminePhentermine is a prescription medication intended for short-term obesity treatment. It is classified as a Schedule IV substance and functions as an appetite suppressant. This drug is the common choice of most doctors and health care practitioners for its efficacy. Obese patients that were treated with Phentermine have a very high success rate compared to other modes of treatment.

The popularity of Phentermine prompted other pharmaceutical companies and other businesses in the health care industry to offer similar weight loss products. They have introduced a non-prescription Phentermine, which an obese individual can easily purchase over-the-counter or in any health store in the country. But is it really effective as an anti-obesity treatment? Can you take it longer than the real and prescription-type Phentermine? Let us find out.

What is Non-Prescription Phentermine?

Someone may have recommended the non-prescription Phentermine to aid you in your weight loss. But before you follow his or her recommendation, you should first understand if the non-prescription Phentermine is right for you. While the pill or supplement is widely available, there are some ingredients that may not suit your health condition or cause some adverse reactions.

The non-prescription Phentermine does not contain any of the ingredients in the real Phentermine drug. The former is classified as a weight loss supplement, so you won’t be needing any prescription to buy one. Usually, supplements claiming to have similar weight loss effects with the prescription-type contain natural or herbal ingredients. Most of them can mimic the weight loss effects of Phentermine. They can help increase your metabolism, burn more calories, increase your energy levels, and suppress your appetite. Some are also offered as a short-term weight loss treatment.

Common Ingredients of Non-Prescription Phentermine

There are a lot of alternative supplements that you can take if you don’t want to use real Phentermine. As mentioned, most of them contain ingredients that offer similar effects with the authentic Phentermine drug. They may contain herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetable extracts, and other natural ingredients.

Here are the common ingredients that you will find in most non-prescription Phentermine products:

• L-carnitine
• Green tea
• Cayenne pepper
• Dandelion
• Turmeric
• Alpha Lipoic acid
• Cinnamon
• Guarana
• Garcinia Combogia
• Raspberry ketones
• Ginger
• Green coffee beans extracts
• Bitter orange
Chromium Picolinate
• Caffeine
• Conjugated linoleic Acid
• Glucomannan
• Hoodia

Possible Complications and Side Effects

If you opt for the non-prescription type of Phentermine, make sure that the product does not contain any ingredient that may cause serious side effects or complications. Read the label and get more information about each ingredient. Some weight loss supplements may cause or increase your risk of experiencing any of these side effects or complications:

• insulin resistance
• increase cholesterol
• insomnia
• diarrhea
• agitation
• vomiting
• nausea
• seizures
• heart attack
• psychosis
• irregular heartbeat
• stroke
• death

Lastly, don’t be confused with the different branding and labeling of Phentermine-like weight loss supplements. There are some products that are mislabeled as Phentermine and there are also some that are misspelled to make people believe that they are the generic versions of the prescription Phentermine. Our advice is to always read the label and determine if the contents of the supplements that you are taking are safe and proven for weight loss. Asking professional help will help you avoid mistakes and putting your life at risk. Taking the wrong Phentermine type may not provide you positive weight loss results and can even lead to serious health complications.

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