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Aug 31 2016

More Types of Cancers Linked to Obesity

Published by under Obesity

cancer-linked-to-obesityA recent study revealed that most types of cancers are linked to obesity. Researchers also found out that obese people are more susceptible to various types of cancers if the condition is not treated effectively. They were able to identify at least 13 types of cancers that have a direct link to obesity. According to Dr Graham Colditz, the chairman of the working group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, these cancers account for 42% of all new cancer diagnosis.

Types of Cancers to Worry About

An obese individual has a higher risk of getting cancer because of the effects of fats on the body; hence, he/she should get checked at regular intervals by an oncologist (those interested to contact one can search for “gamma knife österreich” on the Internet).

Such people should remember that excess body fat causes chronic inflammation, and abnormal glucose metabolism, and disturbs the regulation of sex hormones. These factors are the typical culprits in the development of cancer cells in the body. The fatter the person is, the higher his or her risk of getting one type of dreadful disease.

The types of cancers associated with obesity are the following:

• postmenopausal breast cancer
• colorectal cancer
• uterine cancer
• kidney cancer
• adenocarcinoma of the esophagus
• gallbladder cancer
• liver cancer
• pancreatic cancer
• ovarian cancer
• thyroid cancer
• multiple myeloma
• gastric cardia
• meningioma

Preventing Obesity with Proven Methods

More than two-thirds of American adults are considered overweight or obese. This number is expected to rise even with the availability of modern methods of treatment. In fact, there are countless medications and weight loss methods available. However, a huge percentage of people still find it very difficult to lose weight. Aside from genetic predisposition, lifestyle and poor eating habits are also common factors in the obesity epidemic.

The recent findings of health experts should be an eye-opener for everyone. If you are one of those who are overweight or obese, you should be worried about your condition. You need a drastic solution to avoid getting any of the diseases mentioned above.

Here are some of your options:

Take appetite suppressant drugs. There are various weight loss drugs in the market today and choosing the right one is not easy. To be safe opt for proven weight loss medications such as appetite suppressant drugs. The most popular pill today is Phentermine. This obesity medication suppresses the appetite of the individual, thus reducing his or her food intake. It also enhances metabolism and provides additional energy to the user. The good thing about Phentermine is that the recommended treatment duration is only 12 weeks or 3 months. You can already enjoy the positive weight loss results during this period.

Adopt a healthy diet plan. Other studies revealed that poor eating habits contribute to the ballooning number of obese people in the country. While the solution may be simple, changing the norm is a bit difficult. People are still hooked on fatty foods, sugary products, and high carbo diet. If you are also one of them, start changing your diet now. Adopt a healthy diet plan that also promotes weight loss. Never engage in fad diets since they can result in more problems, such as dehydration, malnutrition, and even serious medical complications. Just choose the right type of food, eat in moderation, and ensure that there are food items that can help burn the excess fats in your body.

Engage in a more active lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle is also one of the reasons why a lot of people are now overweight and obese. You can counter this by engaging in more physical activities such as exercising and participating in sports activities. You don’t have to perform heavy workouts just to achieve your desired weight. Jogging, brisk walking, and other mild exercises will help burn those nasty fats.

Take a Holistic Approach to Combat Obesity

People who are successful in their weight loss program usually take a holistic weight loss approach. They opt for a comprehensive weight loss regimen to ensure positive results. You can also do this by adopting a healthy diet, doing regular exercises, and taking medications such as Phentermine.

You should act now to avoid getting any of the 13 cancers mentioned above.

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Aug 27 2016

Can Phentermine Improve Your QOL?

Published by under Obesity

phentermine-weight-loss-quality-of-lifeObesity is a serious medical condition that affects not only the physical but also the emotional and social well-being of a person. Most obese individuals have very low self-esteem due to their over-sized body and inability to socialize with other people. A person’s overall productivity is also affected, whether in home, office or school. As a result, obese people tend to have poor Quality of Life (QOL).

If you are also overweight or obese, you might be experiencing the same dilemma. But don’t fret. There are a lot of things you can do to improve the quality of your life. You need to be ready to change, be more focused, and adopt a proven weight loss plan to manage your weight. You can undergo medical treatment or opt for simple weight loss approaches such as engaging in physical activities, exercises, and sports. You also need to eat healthy foods, particularly those that promote weight loss. Avoid fatty foods, sugar, and too much carbohydrates since they are the culprits of weight gain. However, you must shun fad diets since some of them are not effective and may result in starvation.

You will have a better QOL if you adopt a healthy lifestyle and take medicines that will help you lose weight. There are prescription medicines and supplements that are proven effective in treating obesity, so you just have to choose the one that will suit your condition. And one of the best options is Phentermine, which is a popular weight loss drug in the market today.

Is Phentermine the Right Solution?

Our answer is yes. There are countless users who can attest to the effectiveness of Phentermine as a weight loss medication. They were able to lose weight in a short period of time without experiencing serious side effects. With the right dosage together with a sound weight loss plan, Phentermine is the perfect solution to your problem. We have seen numerous obese people who were able to return to their normal lives because of Phentermine. You can also achieve the same results if you will try this weight loss drug.

Seek Professional Help for Your Weight Loss

Obesity can ruin your life if you allow it to happen. As mentioned, most obese people have poor QOL because they let the disease ruin them – physically, mentally, and socially. These problems can be avoided by seeking the help of professionals. These professionals will help you ensure the success of your weight loss journey by providing expert advice and prescribing the right methods and medications.

The first thing that you should do is to consult a weight loss doctor. He or she can perform proper diagnosis and recommend the weight loss treatment that will suit your needs or condition. You may also need a dietitian or a nutritionist to create a diet plan that will not deprive your body with vital nutrients and vitamins. Engaging in physical activities is always a part of a comprehensive weight loss program, so you may also need a fitness trainer to help you come up with a plan that will work for your body. A therapist or counselor will also be a great help if you are experiencing depression and low self-esteem.

Once you achieved a healthy and normal weight, you will surely have a more enjoyable, more productive, and happier life. If you want to experience a better Quality of Life, don’t forget to ask your doctor about the appetite suppressant drug Phentermine.

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Jul 18 2016

Taking Phentermine to Curb Obesity-linked Premature Deaths

Published by under Obesity

obesity-shorter-lifespanA recent study revealed that obesity can shorten the lifespan of an individual up to 10 years. The study, which was recently published in the Lancet, was able to establish the effect of obesity on the mortality rate of overweight and obese individuals. Researchers based their data from more than 10 million obese people from 32 countries. Their figures were sourced from 239 large studies conducted from 1970 to 2015.

Researcher also found out that obese men are at a greater risk than women. Other notable findings are enumerated below:

• Overweight. People who are overweight tend to lose 1 year of life expectancy on average.

• Moderately obese. These people have a BMI of 30-34.9 and will lose about 3 years. Their risk of dying before the age of 70 is 29.5%.

• Severely obese. Expect to have a shorter lifespan or lose about 10 years of your life expectancy if you are severely obese. You will have a greater chance of dying before you reach the age of 70.

Health Risks of Being Obese

People who are overweight or obese are more prone to other health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even some form of cancers. The premature deaths could be the result of these diseases or associated with these health issues. Psychological and social issues can also affect the quality of life of obese individuals. Health experts agree that obesity epidemic should be addressed immediately to avoid the high mortality rate. If the trend will not stop, it may become a norm not only in North America but also in other countries around the globe.

Controlling Weight Gain: Your First Defense

If you are overweight or obese, your best option is to take weight loss medications before it’s too late. The complications of obesity will not only make your life miserable but may also drain your pockets because of costly hospitalizations. There are a lot of available medical interventions that you can choose from, depending on your current health condition. For severely or morbidly obese, a more comprehensive obesity treatment is necessary. Meanwhile, people with 25 up to 35 BMI can undergo simpler treatment. In fact, they can lose weight by just changing their lifestyle or taking an appetite suppressant medication.

Is Phentermine Your Solution to Avoid Premature Death

The study has already proven the link between obesity and premature death. If you don’t want to lose the 10 precious years of your life, it’s time to take a concrete action now. Take medications that effectively control weight gain or encourage weight loss. One of your best options is to take Phentermine. This drug is an appetite suppressant that has been used for decades for obesity treatment. It is an effective medication since users can already feel the positive effects in just a short period of time. It is usually prescribed or recommended as a 12-week obesity treatment.

To achieve long-term benefits, health care experts will also recommend lifestyle modification. During and after the treatment, you have to adopt healthy dieting and engage in regular exercise. People who followed this treatment are successful in their weight loss goal.

Just make sure that you consult your doctor before taking any weight loss medication. Remember, Phentermine is a prescription-only drug, so you need a valid prescription from your doctor to get one. Getting professional advice is always recommended since you will be dealing with your body. People who self-medicate are more prone to complications and may even fail in achieving their desired weight.

Taking Phentermine to curb obesity-linked premature deaths can be a simple solution to this worldwide epidemic.

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Jun 17 2016

Are You Ready for a Stomach-draining Obesity Treatment?

Published by under Obesity

stomach-draining-weight-loss-treatmentIf you are one of those who are already tired of following traditional weight loss methods, you might want to try the newly FDA-approved weight loss treatment. However, do not expect that this new treatment will be easy and a fun weight loss treatment. It actually involves a minor surgical procedure, a method that is shunned by many obese patients. But based on clinical trials, the obesity treatment can reduce the patient’s weight up to 12%. This result may entice you to try this weight loss method.

Food-draining Weight Loss Device

The treatment is dependent on a food-draining device, which is attached to a surgically-placed tube in the stomach. The small tube is implanted inside the stomach, which is connected to a port placed on the skin of the belly. Once attached to the port, the patient can drain the recently-consumed food to the device. The process would take 10 minutes to complete. According to the manufacturer, the device can remove almost 30 percent of food in the stomach before it is absorbed by the body. The process is performed 30 minutes after meals.

The Risks and Side Effects

While the treatment is considered effective in preventing weight gain, the FDA said that it has noted side effects. The obese patient may experience vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, and constipation. The endoscopic surgical placement of the gastric tube is also a risky process, said the agency.

There are also some limitations as to who will be allowed to use or undergo the treatment process. First, it is not recommended for people with eating disorders. It is not intended to be used as a short-term treatment for moderately overweight individuals. Moreover, the procedure and treatment is only recommended for patients who are 22 years old and above with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 to 55. Lastly, this option should be given only to those who have failed to achieve weight loss using non-surgical weight loss treatments.

Obese patients who underwent this treatment should frequently visit their doctor to monitor weight loss, check the device, and provide counselling on the lifestyle therapies. Medical check-up is also needed to get a replacement part for the device. The drain tube must be replaced after 5 to 6 weeks of therapy.

Other Effective Weight Loss Options

Weight loss surgery should be your last option. As mentioned, there are side effects and risks that you have to consider before opting for this new obesity treatment. Talk to your doctor about other options that may still work for you. If you haven’t tried appetite suppressant medications, then it’s time to get into this kind of treatment. One of the drugs under this category is Phentermine. This pill is only given as a short-term treatment for obesity, so you can expect positive results within a few weeks of medication.

Phentermine is a generally safe weight loss drug. When taken with doctor’s supervision, weight loss is achieve in just a short period of time. It is also a cheaper alternative to surgical procedures. In addition, you don’t have to worry about costly medical expenses just to achieve your normal, healthy weight. Our advice to you is always ask your doctor about the available obesity treatment today. Ask about the success rate of each treatment, the cost, and risks associated with the treatment method.

If your Phentermine treatment fails, then opt for this stomach-draining obesity treatment.

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May 12 2016

Obesity in Children Linked to Gestational Obesity, Study Says

Published by under Obesity

obese-mothers-and-child-obesityThe United States has a large obese population. The country’s obesity problem includes the young population. Statistics shows that 33.4 percent of children age 2 to 19 years old are classified as obese. Despite efforts to curtail obesity in the last two decades, the government achieve little progress. While there are medications that can be prescribed to treat obesity, it is still better to prevent its occurrence. This is one of the reasons why researchers continue to find answers to this childhood obesity epidemic.

A recent study about childhood obesity and its possible cause was published by Kaiser Permanente Centre for Health Research. The study found out that mothers who gained excess weight and have had high blood glucose during pregnancy are 30% more likely to have their babies become obese, regardless if the newborns were born at normal weight.

The Study Samples

Lead researcher, Dr. Teresa Hillier, analyzed the medical records of more than 24,000 mothers and monitored the weight of their children until they reach the age of ten. All are Kaiser Permanente members in Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon. The mothers were regularly screened to check if they have gestational diabetes and their weight were closely monitored during the pregnancy period.

Meanwhile, the study followed a total of 13,037 babies who had normal weight when they were born. Babies born between 1995 and 2003 were the ones included. The weight of the babies were closely monitored by using BMI.

Likelihood of Children Becoming Obese

Pregnant mothers with higher blood sugar levels were found to have children with higher obesity risk. There were also pregnant mothers who actually had gestational diabetes and had the highest levels of blood sugar. Their children were found to be at least 30% more likely to be overweight. This is compared to children whose pregnant mothers have had normal blood sugar levels.

Another factor that the researchers have taken into account is the mother’s pregnancy weight. The Institute of Medicine highly recommends that pregnant women should not gain more than 40 pounds during pregnancy. In the sample, those who reached or surpassed that 40-pound benchmark have children who are at least 15 percent at higher risk of obesity and being overweight. Therefore, keeping the pregnancy weight gain lower than 40 pounds could have possibly prevented childhood obesity.

Hillier concluded that the abnormal sugar level and too much weight gain might have contributed to metabolic imprinting or obesity imprinting on babies.

Warning for Mothers-To-Be

This new study might help health care providers to prevent more cases of obesity in children and help reduce the percentage of obesity in the country. The most important finding is mothers can do something to prevent their children from becoming obese right from the start of their pregnancy journey. The findings should be enough to warn overweight mothers to watch their diet and keep a healthy weight. Their blood sugar and weight should be checked regularly.

Taking a Preventive Approach

If you are also pregnant, do not starve yourself. It’s ideal to eat foods that will benefit your and your baby’s health. If you are trying to get pregnant, consider taking weight loss supplements to reduce your excess weight. There are different types of weight loss products that you can choose from, such as fat burners and appetite suppressant pills. Having a normal body weight will reduce your chances of becoming obese during pregnancy. This will also reduce your baby’s tendency to become obese when grow up.

Always consult your health care provider to ensure that you’re doing things right before, during, and after pregnancy.

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Apr 18 2016

Fighting Global Obesity Starts with You

Published by under Obesity

global-obesity-rate-epidemicWe all know that obesity is big problem of many developed countries. As a result, they spend huge amount of their yearly budget for health care services. Obesity will usually result in serious health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. These conditions lead to frequent hospitalizations and costly medical treatment.

Just recently, Lancet published a comprehensive study about obesity rates around the world. The researchers have alarming findings and warned people and governments to look at this matter carefully. A fact that we should be concerned about is our country’s contribution to global obesity rate. We are one of the six high-income countries in the world with alarming obesity rates. If not all stakeholders, including you, will not do their share to curb this obesity epidemic, then we will have a very huge problem come 2025. According to lead researcher Professor Majid Ezzati of Imperial College London, severe obesity is too extensive to be tackled with medications. The professor also said that obesity can lead to serious health consequences.

Here are some of the highlights of their research work:

• in the next 10 years, the global obesity rate is expected to reach 20 percent
• there will be more women who will be severely obese by 2025
• an estimated 55 million adults will become morbidly obese
• 21% of women and 18% of men will become obese in 2025

Help Fight the Obesity Epidemic

The fight against obesity is not only the responsibility of the government. We should also take active part in eradicating obesity. You can start by having a healthy lifestyle. It is still best if you are not part of the obese population. This medical condition is usually caused by poor food choices like opting for fast food and eating foods with high sugar and fat content.

Overeating is also a common problem of most people today. Without controlling their appetite, they can become overweight and eventually become obese. While there are supplements that can control appetite like Phentermine, the willingness of the individual to adopt healthy living is very important. In addition, adding exercise in your daily regimen will also keep obesity at bay.

The Role of Weight Loss Supplements

If you are having difficulty in maintaining your weight or you are already considered as obese, you can try a weight loss supplement. There are different types of weight loss products in the market today, so you just have to be very careful when choosing one. You can choose from fat burners, appetite suppressants, or herbal supplements, depending on your preferences.

But if you want a supplement that is proven effective in treating obesity, opt for Phentermine. This appetite suppressant has been the choice of many health care professionals and obese people because of its effectiveness. As a short-term medication for obesity, you can already expect positive results in the first few weeks of treatment.

Take a Proactive Stance

Obesity is a preventable medical condition. If you will adopt a proactive stance, you will be able to avoid this condition. For example, you have to monitor your weight, choose the food that you eat, and select the kinds of activities that you engage in. If this is the mindset of every individual, obesity will not become an epidemic today.

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Mar 20 2016

Phentermine and Food Combo Can Boost Metabolism

Published by under Obesity

taking-phentermine-and-foods-for-improved-metabolismSlow metabolism is the usual suspect when a person becomes obese or overweight. Most people believe that a low metabolic rate can result in the accumulation of fats and muscles. When this happen, the person will gain more weight until he or she become severely obese. However, this notion is not 100 percent supported by health care professionals since there were previous studies that showed people with higher than normal metabolic rate are also at risk of becoming obese. If you are also one of those who are not convinced about the role of the body’s metabolism in weight gain, you need to consider the latest findings of scientists from the United Kingdom.

Researchers from Cambridge University found out that there is a genetic link between slow metabolism and obesity. A mutation in KSR2 gene reduces the capability of the cells to metabolize sugar and fatty acids. These two have significant roles in providing the body its much needed energy. Gene KSR2 not only increases the appetite of an individual but also cause a slow metabolic rate. With the new findings, the researchers were able to bolster the role of metabolism in obesity. Meanwhile, another research showed how fat genes make people obese.

If you are also obese, your next best thing to do is to find ways on how to improve the metabolic rate of your body. Here are some of our recommended approaches – eating foods that help improve metabolism and take medications, such as Phentermine, to take your energy to its optimum levels.

Supercharge Your Metabolism with the Right Kinds of Foods

If there are foods that can make you fat, there are also those that can make you fit and slim. You just have to choose the right kinds of foods to avoid weight gain or reduce body weight. Here are some of our recommended foods to supercharge your metabolism:

Choose whole foods. This is the right time to be mindful of the food you eat. Choose natural, fresh, and unprocessed food.

Take some spices. It would be best if your daily menu has spices known to bolster metabolism. Some of these are chili, cayenne, turmeric, and garlic.

Opt for gluten-free diet. Some people who are serious about losing weight opt for a gluten free-diet. Take beans, legumes, potatoes, eggs, corn, dairy products, lean meat, fish, and fruits and vegetables. Avoid barley, rye, wheat, malt vinegar, and soy sauce.

High-fiber foods. Foods that contain high fiber will not only make your tummy healthy but also help improve your metabolism. Your options include whole wheat, oat bran, raspberries, banana, apples, lentils, split peas, artichoke, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

Phentermine: Another Metabolism Booster

Phentermine is known as an appetite suppressant drug and primarily used as an effective treatment for obesity. But aside from its appetite suppressing capability, the drug can also improve metabolism. Obese people who are taking the drug noted their increased energy levels during the treatment period. This positive effect helps them perform their normal activities and engage in more strenuous exercises.

By choosing the right kind of food and taking Phentermine, you will surely achieve your desired weight. These two are the perfect combination to increase your metabolism rate. And don’t forget to get professional help when opting for this weight loss approach. It is important to know the right Phentermine dosage, length of treatment, and the possible side effects. Your health care professional can also create the perfect diet plan to improve your body’s fat burning capabilities and metabolism.

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Feb 18 2016

What is the Right Approach to Controlling Childhood Obesity?

Published by under Obesity

child-obesity-weight-lossObesity is a major health problem in almost all countries around the world. Childhood obesity is already considered an epidemic and a primary cause of serious health diseases on children and adolescents. Many children are already taking weight loss medications to counter these obesity-related illnesses.

There are many ways parents can do to help their children avoid childhood obesity. Adopting a healthy lifestyle for the whole family is always a good first step. Giving kids nutritious foods cooked with healthy oils such as Gundry MD Olive Oil or Kyoor High Phenolic Olive Oil from the start could prevent them from getting overweight. Parents should not allow their kids to eat junk foods and fast foods laced with too much sugar and carbohydrates. They also need to take control over the amount of food that their children are eating. They should not forget to teach their kids early about nutrition and most importantly, parents should become role models to their children. Maybe they should consider talking to a Nutritional Therapist or a health coach about how nutritional habits could be improved for their whole family. It is important now more than ever, because the statistics still show an increasing rate of childhood obesity.

Grim Facts about Childhood Obesity

Although Asian countries have some of the least occurrences of overweight and obesity worldwide, they are experiencing shocking rates of the disease in recent years. Malaysia has the highest obesity frequency at 14% in the South East Asia region, with Thailand next in line (8.8%). These statistics fall far behind those in the Oceanic countries, with 26.8% obesity rates in Australia and 28.3% in New Zealand. The occurrence of obesity in these countries is comparable to the rates seen in the United Kingdom (26.9%) and US (33%).

Since the US has the biggest number of obese children, the government must improve its programs that aim to curtail or minimize the incidence of obesity in the country. Obesity can have a serious impact on the adolescent’s health. It can result in cardiovascular disease (mainly heart disease and stroke), musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis, type2 diabetes, some cancers (breast, endometrial and colon), asthma, sleep apnea, and social discrimination. These ailments cause premature death, disability, and emotional and social problem. In order to avoid such afflictions, it seems crucial to pay attention to children’s dietary habits. In addition, you may want to visit a specialized doctor regularly, whose job is to keep an eye on the current health of the organ in question. For example, if your child is exhibiting signs of asthma or another lung disease, a pulmonologist can provide the necessary guidance. Also, based on other symptoms, parents can contact a reputable and specialized doctor.

Finding the Right Solutions to Childhood Obesity

Parents can teach their kids to develop healthy eating habits by simply making their favorite dishes healthier and lower down calorie-rich dishes. They should help their kids stay active and understand the benefits of being physically active. Inculcating healthy habits such as playing physical games or cycling can be easier if parents follow the same routine. Additionally, running can be a perfect exercise to control body fat. All you may need to do is get your child a sturdy pair of running shoes (you can visit discount code if you want to get good shoes for a cheaper price), some sportswear and you can start running with them in the early morning or in the evening. That way, body fat can be burned more effectively. In addition, parents should encourage kids to spend their leisure time well.

Parents should not underestimate the risks associated with childhood obesity. They should seek proper medical treatment to manage any acute or chronic complications of obesity such as abnormal eating disorders or severe depression. However, any remedial treatment is not likely to succeed without the understanding, support, and active involvement of family members. Family therapy is efficient for obese kids who are not responding well on therapeutic treatments, such as taking drugs to encourage weight loss.

Are Appetite Suppressants the Key to Controlling Childhood Obesity?

Medical intervention is already necessary if the child or teen is already considered obese. This will help prevent complications that can affect the child’s normal growth. For adolescents with eating disorders, one common option is to let them take medications that will control their cravings for food. The doctor may prescribe appetite suppressants and other drugs that will address their condition.

Appetite suppressants are effective in controlling appetite, which then result in significant weight loss. However, this drug should only be given to an obese child or teen if it is prescribed by a doctor. Appetite suppressants like Phentermine, are potent drugs so proper diagnosis and assessment of the child’s overall health must be performed. The doctor should weigh in the benefits and the potential side effects that the obese child may experience. Not all obese children can just take any medication for weight loss. Phentermine, for example, is only recommended for 15 years old and above. Use of the medicine below this age bracket must be approved by a health care professional.

So if you want your obese child or teenager to reduce weight in a safe and healthy manner, always consult a professional. You may need a dietitian, a weight loss doctor, and other health experts to help your child have a healthy weight and live a normal, happy life.

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Aug 31 2015

Scientists Discover How Fat Gene Makes People Obese

Published by under Obesity

faulty-fat-gene-cause-obesityDo you wonder why you can’t just lose weight despite following a strict dieting program or engaging in routine exercises? You may have achieved temporary success while doing these programs, but you still wonder why the fat lost keeps coming back. Your condition is not only an isolated case since there are also countless obese people who are suffering from the same situation. They can’t understand why even the most popular and scientifically proven programs fail to provide their promised results.

These concerns are now answered by the latest findings of researchers from Harvard University and MIT. The study was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In the study, scientist were able to find a better explanation as to why some people can’t just lose weight. It’s all about that fat gene – FTO. Although obesity was already tied to certain fat genes, there was no clear explanation why they can make people obese. But the recent findings of scientists provide a clearer picture of the roles and functions of the fat gene to human body.

The Fat Gene that Makes You Obese

Scientists say that one of the reasons why people become obese is the presence of faulty fat genes. Instead of burning fat, this type of gene causes energy from food to be stored as fats. According to researchers, two faulty genes will make an individual more predisposed to obesity. People with these genes also weigh 7 lbs more compared with people without the faulty genes. They also noted that some of the respondents are weighing more than the average. The respondents from this study were people from Europe, Sweden, and Norway.

In another experiment, the researchers blocked the faulty genes’ effect in mice. Those that received treatment were 50 leaner compared with other mice despite their high-fat diet. They also burn more energy while asleep. Meanwhile, the tests conducted on human cells also provided similar results. Addressing the faulty gene’s effect also increased burning of fats and help restore normal metabolic function.

Findings Will Help Develop New Weight Loss Drugs

Health experts welcomed the results of the new study. They said that this will allow for the development of new weight loss medications that will not only tackle the appetite of an obese patient but will also address how their fat genes work.

Right now, the most popular weight loss drug in the market is Phentermine. It is an appetite suppressant that is used to treat and manage obesity. This drug is also believed to affect the metabolism of the obese individual but it does not directly affect the fat genes. It is more focused on controlling hunger pangs by sending signals to the brain.

With the recent findings, pharmaceutical companies will now have another opportunity to conduct further research and develop new weight loss drugs that will specifically target the fat genes. Although the process would take time and requires several clinical trials before approval, it will not be impossible to finally produce the perfect medication that will counter and correct the issues of damaged fat genes.

For the meantime, obese and overweight people should first rely on appetite suppressant drugs like Phentermine while they are still waiting for pharmaceutical companies to develop a better medication for obesity.

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Jul 19 2015

Achieving Normal Weight is Difficult for Obese People, Study Revealed

Published by under Obesity

weight-loss-for-morbidly-obese-peopleDo you wonder why you regain weight after completing different weight loss programs? You might be successful in losing some pounds during the weight loss process, but after a few months or years, you will again face the same situation where you need to work hard to lose those unwanted pounds. Your case is not peculiar since a lot of obese people suffer the same situation. In fact, a recent study in London showed that clinically obese people tend to regain weight after undergoing obesity treatment.

The research, which was published recently in the American Journal of Public Health, highlighted the need for more efficient obesity treatment or approach to help morbidly obese people find permanent solutions to their weight problems. The researchers noted that only 1 out of 1,290 obese men was able to enjoy permanent weight loss. Meanwhile, records of obese women showed that only 1 out of 655 women got her normal weight back. These figures also highlighted the predicament of obese people in sustaining a healthy and normal weight.

Obese People can Still Lose Weight

The study found out that severely obese people still lose weight despite their difficulty in achieving normal weight. In fact, records showed that most of them were able to lose at least 5 percent of their weight when they opted for certain weight loss treatment. This reduction in weight is critical in controlling health risks and other serious medical conditions. According to health experts, the 5% weight reduction can already produce measurable improvements in the overall health of an obese individual. It can help lower blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol, and other obesity-related diseases.

According to lead researcher Alison Fildes, 49% of men and 53% of women were able to achieve at least 5% weight loss. These figures are good indications that obese people can still lose weight but must sustain it to achieve permanent weight loss and achieve healthier bodies.

While the researchers recommend the introduction of more effective weight loss products and mode of treatment, they failed to mention the kind of obesity treatment that these individuals took or adopted. Their source of data is UK’s Clinical Practice Research Database and they analyzed the health records of 278,000 obese people from 2004 to 2014. But the researchers failed to include some relevant data in their findings. Some experts ask, why the specific treatment that these obese individuals received were not highlighted in the research work. This means that our health care providers may still offer products or services that aren’t effective anymore. For example, did they engaged in dieting and exercise regimen? Was the weight loss intentional or due to illnesses? Or some other factors? These valuable pieces of information will help stakeholders come up with better products, more efficient methods, and long-term solutions to obesity.

Choosing the Best Weight Loss Methods

If you have a BMI of 30 or more, always ask the help of a health care professional to address your medical condition. You are in the obesity category where losing weight is more difficult, which was confirmed in the Fildes’ study. A more stringent approach and probably a combination of different weight loss methods will help put an end to your dilemma.

You can follow a healthy diet plan, engage in exercise, take an appetite suppressant drug like Phentermine, or give in to surgery methods. Whichever of these methods and approaches you choose, make sure that you are guided by a health care professional.

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