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Oct 18 2016

Right Food Choices Plus Phentermine for Effective Weight Loss

Published by at 11:04 am under Phentermine

healthy-food-phentermine-weight-lossAre you too excited to start your new diet plan together with Phentermine pills? Did your doctor gave you the go signal to start losing those unwanted weight or shall we say unhealthy fats? If yes, then you are now on the first stage of getting your dream healthy weight. But, there is one more thing that you have to review before you take your first weight loss pill. Just make sure that your prepared diet plan is the perfect one for you. If you are just following a popular meal plan, you need to reconsider your options. Not all diets can help you lose weight even if you are taking one of the most effective weight loss pills in the market today. Phentermine is an effective appetite suppressant but it must be combined with proper diet and regular exercise.

Choosing the Right Foods for Your Weight Loss

In this post, we will discuss some of the foods that may cause trouble to your weight loss program. These are the foods that we consider healthy but may actually cause weight gain. Some of them are even recommended by health enthusiasts for their health benefits. We are not talking about unhealthy food items since they are absolutely not recommended for overweight and obese people. Even if you are healthy, you have to avoid fatty and sugary foods.

The common issue with “healthy food items” that we buy in the grocery stores or prepare at home is the calorie content. Food containing high calories can contribute to weight gain, so that would just cancel out the benefits you reap from the weight loss drug Phentermine.

Here are some of the food items that you should take a second look:

• Smoothies. Preparing these at home is highly recommended since they are considered healthy. Fruits and veggies will not only provide you with essential nutrients but also help you lose weight. But why we included this in our list? The reason is that you might be adding ingredients that contain high calories such as sugar, honey and other sweeteners. If possible cut these ingredients from your smoothies. It is also important to choose the right fruit mix. Instead of using high-sugar fruits like pineapple and banana, opt for berries instead.

• Energy bars. Some people think that energy bars or protein bars are okay if they are on a weight loss program. They believe that these foods are better alternatives to candy bars. But health experts warn that these foods will not help you lose weight. Instead, opt for fruits, nuts, and yogurt.

• Organic foods. There is still a misconception about organic foods. Most people believe that organic foods will also provide weight loss benefits. While we agree that organic is better than non-organic food items, its weight loss benefits are still debatable. In fact, there is a lot of snack food products labeled as organic, but they may still contain high calories. An expert said that cookies may still contain too much sugar while all-natural potato chips may still have high fat content.

• Drinks and juices. Fruit juices will not cause any trouble if you are trying to lose weight. You get your needed nutrients and you are kept hydrated. But drinking sweetened drinks and juices should be avoided. They contain high amount of sugar that is not good for your body. Avoid sodas, juice drinks and other food items that contain cane juice or syrup, corn sweetener and syrup, malt syrup, molasses, honey, agave syrup, lactose, and fructose. The best way to reduce the intake of unnecessary sugar is during breakfast.

Phentermine with a Sensible Diet Plan

If you want to achieve your dream weight, you have to adopt a sensible diet plan while on Phentermine medication. Always be mindful of the type of food you eat. Even if you choose “healthy foods” in the grocery or prepare them at home, there are chances that they contain ingredients that contribute to your weight gain. As a simple reminder, always read the label when buying processed food items. You can easily identify food items that contain too much sugar or unhealthy fats. And lastly, eat in moderation. You can only attain your weight loss goal if you have self-discipline, determination, and the willingness to adopt positive changes to your life. Don’t just rely on weight loss pills such as Phentermine. While this drug is effective, the positive results will not be felt if you take the wrong kinds of foods, you have unhealthy lifestyle, and you easily quit.

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