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Archive for September, 2016

Sep 30 2016

Phentermine: Still the Best Pill for Weight Loss

Published by under Phentermine

best-weight-loss-pill-phentermineWhile there are new methods of losing weight that you can try, going for proven weight loss methods and techniques is still the best option. Taking tried and tested medications, for example, will give you positive results without worrying about harsh side effects. There are also countless users who can provide valuable testimonies about these drugs. This is also true for other weight loss techniques such as exercising and dieting.

One of the most popular medications for weight loss today is Phentermine. It has been in the market for several decades already and was able to withstand the stiff competition in the health care market. But what makes Phentermine a very popular weight loss drug? It is not only the choice of overweight and obese people but also the prescribed pill of most doctors around the country. Please read on and find out.

Why Choose Phentermine for Weight Loss?

Losing weight is a dilemma for most obese people. It is not only a difficult situation for them but also affects their lifestyle, finances, productivity, and how they interact with the society. Good thing there is Phentermine to help them lose weight. This medication is still considered as the best pill for weight loss despite the introduction of new methods and drugs. Here are some of the reasons:

Cheaper option for weight loss. Obesity will cost you a considerable amount of money because of the possible health complications caused by the disease. There are also some weight loss methods that are too expensive like surgery and taking supplements. If you are concerned about the cost of losing weight, then your best option is Phentermine. This pill is cheaper compared with other medications in the market.

Faster weight loss vs other methods. If you have tried other drugs but still got negative results, it’s time to try Phentermine. This pill can guarantee weight loss in just a short period of time. But please take note that this is not a magic pill. You still have to follow a sensible weight loss program to achieve your dream weight. To be effective, Phentermine should be taken as prescribed by your doctor. You should also include an exercise regimen and healthy diet plan.

Safer weight loss option. Your friends may have recommended other weight loss options that promise results. However, most of them involve risks and other possible complications. For example, surgery may bring back your normal weight in no time but the risk is too high. We have heard a lot of cases where the procedure results in complications. Fad dieting is another solution that many recommend. The downside, however, is that an individual may be starved of the necessary nutrients that his or her body needs. Go for Phentermine if you want a safer weight loss option. The side effects, if you experience one, are only temporary and can be managed effectively.

Taking the Right Pill for Your Weight Loss Regimen

It is important to be very critical when taking any medication for weight loss. New weight loss drugs may offer promising results but you have to consider their efficacy. If there is limited information about the drug, you have to reconsider your decision. Instead, go for proven and effective weight loss medication such as Phentermine. With millions of users who can attest to its efficacy, you will never go wrong with this one.

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Sep 26 2016

Can Fitness Trackers Help You Lose Weight?

Published by under Weight Loss

fitness-tracker-weight-lossFitness trackers are not only commonly used by health conscious individuals but also by overweight and obese people. The widespread use of this wearable technology is largely due to its features that provide users valuable information about their weight loss progress. Manufacturers predict that the demand for these types of gadgets will continue to rise worldwide. In fact, at the end of 2016, the estimated sale for smart watches and activity trackers will reach up to 10 million. But a recent study may affect its popularity and may shun people to use the gadget to aid them in their weight loss regimen.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburg conducted a 2-year study about the benefits or effects of fitness trackers on weight loss. Their study revealed that these gadgets may not provide the positive weight loss benefits that the users expect. The randomized controlled trial (RCT) compared the effectiveness of a wearable technology weight loss intervention with standard weight loss strategies. It aims to determine which approach would result in greater weight loss.

Lower Weight Loss Rate for Fitness Tracker Users

The results, which were recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), showed that participants who were given fitness trackers have lower weight loss results as compared to those who continued with their dieting and regular exercise. Volunteers who wore the fitness trackers only lost about 8lb or 3.6kg while those in the standard behavioral intervention group lost an average of 13lb or 5.9kg. The latter group also recorded a greater amount of lost body fat.

All the participants followed a low-calorie diet, an exercise plan, and given regular group counseling sessions. The weight loss progress of each participant was recorded every six month.

The lead researcher, Dr John Jakicic, told the media that the result could be due to the tendency of people to use these gadgets for a while but then lose interest with time as the gadget wears off. They suggest that devices that monitor and provide feedback on physical activity may not offer an advantage over standard behavioral weight loss approaches.

However, the findings are not conclusive since there are other factors that may have affected the weight loss results. Some of the factors seen by the experts are the age and gender of the participants. Most of the volunteers were young adults and composed mainly of women. They also noted that the wearable technology was only introduced to the group after the sixth month of the study. So these factors may have affected or changed the results of the study.

Is It Time to Dump Your Fitness Tracker?

Not so fast. This wearable technology can still be a great tool to help you in your weight loss goal when used in conjunction with the consumption of EAAs supplement. With its great features and other valuable functions, a fitness tracker will serve as your guide to achieving your dream body. But again, do not just rely on this gadget. It is still best to seek professional help to guide you in every stage of your weight loss regimen. You have to follow a carefully planned weight loss program, which may include low calorie diet, regular exercise, and taking medications for obesity. If you will add weight loss medications, always consult your doctor. A health care professional knows the type of drug that will best suit your condition. He or she may prescribe metabolism boosters, fat burners, appetite suppressants, or combo-drugs to ensure excellent results. Just don’t forget to ask your doctor about Phentermine. Millions have already benefited from this anti-obesity drug even before the proliferation of the much-hyped fitness trackers.

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Sep 18 2016

Your Guide to Permanent and Healthy Weight Loss

Published by under Weight Loss

guide-permanent-healthy-weight-lossAchieving permanent weight loss is the common dilemma of most obese individuals. Keeping those unwanted fats from coming back seems to be the most difficult part for most of them. In fact, there are a lot of obese people who complain about gaining weight just months after completing a professionally guided weight loss program.

If this is a common scenario, then do you have to be content on the possibility of gaining your weight back after a rigorous weight loss regimen or expensive treatment? Is there a working solution to keep your normal healthy weight? Please read on to get some great ideas on how to achieve permanent and healthy weight loss.

Setting Your Weight Loss Goal

Setting your goals right is the first step to achieving positive weight loss result. You should consider your current health condition, BMI, and lifestyle before setting a particular weight loss goal. For example, losing 10 pounds in a month is more achievable for an overweight or obese individual. However, severely or morbidly obese people who may set higher goals will require close doctor supervision. Working on a fast weight loss program may not be beneficial for you if there are other risk factors involved. Your doctor will consider health risks, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Guide to Effective Weight Loss

The success of your weight loss goal largely depends on your commitment to lose weight regardless of the difficulties that you may encounter. Sometimes it is not necessary to adopt a complex weight loss program just to achieve your desired weight. Again, there is still hope for people who always fail in losing weight. If you are one of them, please consider the simple guide listed below. With your commitment, you can surely achieve permanent and healthy weight loss.

Ask for expert help. Many overweight and obese individuals fail because they don’t seek professional help. Taking just any weight loss medication or adopting a diet plan will not guarantee that you will achieve great results. Remember that your body is different from others, so it may respond differently to popular weight loss treatment. A low carb diet may not suit you if you are an active person. Restricting your food intake may also result in malnutrition, which is not good for your body. The thing that you should do before getting into a program is to consult an expert. You may even need several people to help you succeed in your goal. Get in touch with a doctor, a nutritionist, and a physical fitness trainer to guide you in your efforts.

Choose your weight loss medication. Don’t just buy any weight loss supplement. It is always best to follow the recommendation of your doctor and make sure that the drug is prescribed after a thorough evaluation of your health condition. Usually, an appetite suppressant is the first medication that your doctor will prescribe. Appetite suppressants are safer options because they effectively lower your food cravings. With lower food intake, there will be no extra fat to store in your body. They also provide extra energy for your daily activities and improve the metabolism of your body. A popular appetite suppressant that you can try is Phentermine. You can choose the generic or branded ones, depending on your preferences. This weight loss drug is available in online health stores and pharmacies nationwide. Please take note that this drug can be purchased only if you have a valid prescription.

Healthy lifestyle is still key. Probably, there will be no obesity epidemic if everybody lived a healthy lifestyle. Living in harmony with nature and closer to the spiritual world could keep you away from the junk that makes obesity so prevalent. A lifestyle similar to country living could do wonders for a person’s health. After all, the current culture, work environment, and sedentary lifestyle of most people all play major roles in the increasing obesity rate in the country today. If you want to achieve permanent and healthy weight loss, change your lifestyle. Eat healthy foods, engage in sports or any physical activity, and avoid vices. If you have been on your fitness journey for a while and think that you’re ready for something more intense and challenging, try martial arts. Look for “martial arts classes near me” and pick one that looks the most interesting to you. While starting off, you may find it difficult, but keep up with it and you’re sure to gain physical and mental fitness soon enough.

Maintain Your Healthy Weight

You may have succeeded in attaining your desired weight, but weight rebound could be your next problem. Don’t worry. This problem can be easily prevented if you commit to a healthier lifestyle. Stick to a healthy diet and continue your regular exercises to maintain your normal weight. You should also avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Since appetite suppressant medications are recommended only for short term treatment, your best option now is to eat foods that are known to suppress appetite. This way, you will be able to avoid uncontrolled eating.

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Sep 08 2016

5 Factors to Consider Before Taking Phentermine

Published by under Phentermine

factors-to-consider-before-taking-phentermineIn a recent study, health experts found compelling evidences on obesity’s link to serious health conditions, particularly cancers. From the previous 5 types of cancers linked to obesity, they added 7 more after careful analysis of thousands of obesity cases from around the world. In another study, researchers also found out that the mortality rate of an obese individual is higher compared with those with normal weight. These are only some of the recent developments in the study of obesity and its effects on an individual’s health. If you have a BMI of more than 30, you should be worried about these findings. You must seek professional help to avoid the complications and serious effects of having an abnormal weight.

Some of your options include taking weight loss medications, adopting a strict diet plan, enrolling in a weight loss program, or going for a surgery. The latter is usually the last option if all the weight loss options fail. But a surgical procedure is expensive and too risky for those with other medical conditions. Our recommendation for you is to consider taking weight loss medications like appetite suppressant drugs. This particular type of medication is considered safe and more effective compared to other weight loss drugs in the market. An example of this drug is Phentermine, which is the most prescribed appetite suppressant for overweight and obese people.

5 Factors to Consider

Phentermine is known in the weight loss industry for its ability to treat obesity. Its potency has been proven by countless obese patients around the world. Former users can testify to the immediate and dramatic weight loss effects of the drug. Most of them were able to lose weight up to 20 lbs. in the first few weeks of medication. With these benefits, you’ll surely try this appetite suppressant pill. But, don’t just take this drug without consulting a health care professional. Your doctor should determine first if Phentermine is suited for your current health condition. For example, if you suffer from chronic pain or a problematic mental state, your doctor might have recommended CBD products (probably purchased from purplepenthouse) or other necessary medications to deal with such issues. If this is the case, you may want to consult your doctor before using Phentermine in conjunction with other medications, which could be helpful in averting any serious side effects on the body.

Here are the 5 factors to consider before taking Phentermine for weight loss:

1. Serious illness. It is very critical to consult a certified weight loss doctor before you decide to take this drug. Your doctor knows the kinds of illnesses that will be triggered or affected by Phentermine intake. You should also help your doctor in making the right diagnosis by sharing vital information about your health. Some of the diseases or health conditions that may affect your treatment include heart diseases, diabetes, overactive thyroid, and some type of cancers.

2. Planning to get pregnant. If you are planning to get pregnant, avoid taking Phentermine. Doctors will always advice you to avoid taking medications before, during, and after pregnancy. Phentermine is not exempted from the list. The drug may affect the development of the fetus and may be ingested by babies during breastfeeding sessions. If you want to lose some weight before getting pregnant, make sure that you take the drug months before your planned pregnancy.

3. Taking medications for other diseases. Phentermine is not recommend for obese patients who are taking medications for other health conditions. In fact, there are 469 drugs that may interact with Phentermine. Some of the drugs that are contraindicated with Phentermine are as follows: anti-depressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, antacids, carbonic anhydraze inhibitors, and guanadryl. For a complete list of drugs contraindicated with Phentermine, please read this article.

4. Willingness to change lifestyle. Majority of obesity cases in the country today are caused by unhealthy lifestyle. Experts agree that an effective weight loss program should include the patient’s willingness to change his or her lifestyle. If you are a couch potato, a fast-food lover, or a binge eater, you will surely end up overweight or obese. Vices can also contribute to your weight gain, so avoid or stop them right away.

5. Completing the weight loss program. Some people fail to achieve their weight loss goal because they easily give up when they don’t get positive results during the first few weeks of treatment. If you want to be successful in losing your excess weight, you should complete the program. Take note that your body’s response to Phentermine may be different from those who have experienced faster weight loss. Be patient. With the right weight loss program and constant monitoring of a health expert, you will surely achieve your desired weight in a short period of time.

Achieve Positive Weight Loss Results

There are no secret formula to achieving positive weight loss. Your determination and ability to follow a guided weight loss program will help you succeed in this area. Some people fail because they only rely on a particular weight loss approach. While Phentermine is proven effective, you should still opt for a more comprehensive treatment such as combining exercise and healthy diet with your Phentermine treatment.

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