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Jul 10 2016

Is Non-Prescription Phentermine Right for You?

Published by at 11:10 am under Phentermine

taking-non-prescription-phenterminePhentermine is a prescription medication intended for short-term obesity treatment. It is classified as a Schedule IV substance and functions as an appetite suppressant. This drug is the common choice of most doctors and health care practitioners for its efficacy. Obese patients that were treated with Phentermine have a very high success rate compared to other modes of treatment.

The popularity of Phentermine prompted other pharmaceutical companies and other businesses in the health care industry to offer similar weight loss products. They have introduced a non-prescription Phentermine, which an obese individual can easily purchase over-the-counter or in any health store in the country. But is it really effective as an anti-obesity treatment? Can you take it longer than the real and prescription-type Phentermine? Let us find out.

What is Non-Prescription Phentermine?

Someone may have recommended the non-prescription Phentermine to aid you in your weight loss. But before you follow his or her recommendation, you should first understand if the non-prescription Phentermine is right for you. While the pill or supplement is widely available, there are some ingredients that may not suit your health condition or cause some adverse reactions.

The non-prescription Phentermine does not contain any of the ingredients in the real Phentermine drug. The former is classified as a weight loss supplement, so you won’t be needing any prescription to buy one. Usually, supplements claiming to have similar weight loss effects with the prescription-type contain natural or herbal ingredients. Most of them can mimic the weight loss effects of Phentermine. They can help increase your metabolism, burn more calories, increase your energy levels, and suppress your appetite. Some are also offered as a short-term weight loss treatment.

Common Ingredients of Non-Prescription Phentermine

There are a lot of alternative supplements that you can take if you don’t want to use real Phentermine. As mentioned, most of them contain ingredients that offer similar effects with the authentic Phentermine drug. They may contain herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetable extracts, and other natural ingredients.

Here are the common ingredients that you will find in most non-prescription Phentermine products:

• L-carnitine
• Green tea
• Cayenne pepper
• Dandelion
• Turmeric
• Alpha Lipoic acid
• Cinnamon
• Guarana
• Garcinia Combogia
• Raspberry ketones
• Ginger
• Green coffee beans extracts
• Bitter orange
Chromium Picolinate
• Caffeine
• Conjugated linoleic Acid
• Glucomannan
• Hoodia

Possible Complications and Side Effects

If you opt for the non-prescription type of Phentermine, make sure that the product does not contain any ingredient that may cause serious side effects or complications. Read the label and get more information about each ingredient. Some weight loss supplements may cause or increase your risk of experiencing any of these side effects or complications:

• insulin resistance
• increase cholesterol
• insomnia
• diarrhea
• agitation
• vomiting
• nausea
• seizures
• heart attack
• psychosis
• irregular heartbeat
• stroke
• death

Lastly, don’t be confused with the different branding and labeling of Phentermine-like weight loss supplements. There are some products that are mislabeled as Phentermine and there are also some that are misspelled to make people believe that they are the generic versions of the prescription Phentermine. Our advice is to always read the label and determine if the contents of the supplements that you are taking are safe and proven for weight loss. Asking professional help will help you avoid mistakes and putting your life at risk. Taking the wrong Phentermine type may not provide you positive weight loss results and can even lead to serious health complications.

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