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Archive for May, 2016

May 31 2016

How to Manage Your Weight in 4 Easy Steps?

Published by under Weight Loss

manage-weight-loss-phentermineCongratulations! You’ve reached your weight goal! Now for the easier part: keeping it off. According to statistics, 65% of dieters return to their pre-diet weight within 3 years. Now this is not to scare you, but to let you know that gaining the weight back is common.

Would you like to be among the few who can keep the weight off forever? If it seems difficult for you, just think about the cardiovascular diseases, the everyday difficulty, and the humiliations you feel every single day just because you are obese or overweight. You don’t want to go back to that. The good news is, it is possible to keep the weight off in 4 steps.

4 Steps to Effective Weight Management

These are basically the same as lifestyle changes you were probably following to lose weight. So to simplify it, you’ll just continue doing what you’ve been doing only in the easier version.

1. Follow a healthy diet plan. Forget about fad diets. Those might have worked for you in the past and may be easier because you only need to follow them for a week or a month. Here, you will adapt a new eating lifestyle that is healthy, sustainable, and logical, although you may still wish to take something like these safe liver detox supplements initially to help you kick-start your new healthy lifestyle. First, determine how much calories you should eat in a day. That depends on your weight, gender, and age. An average man for example need 2,500 calories everyday while a woman needs 2,000 calories. Second, you need to eat healthy food. Think food swaps. Instead of salty chips, try nuts and raisins for snacks. Instead of doughnuts, try bananas. Third, keep a food journal. Be very honest here, otherwise, it won’t work. This will help you keep track of every single food you eat in a day. You could take a look at this site for some information about food calorie counts as well as inspiration to maintain a healthy diet + exercise. Which brings us to the next point.

2. Engage in regular exercise. Weight loss is basically burning more calories than you take in. So in order to remain in your weight, you need to do exercise to burn some calories. You can try brisk walking and jogging. Do any activity that you love doing maybe hiking, dancing, swimming, or biking. The trick is to make you sweat. Also, exercising is not only to burn calories but to also keep your body healthy by working out those muscles. However, no matter which forms of exercise you choose, make sure that you do it wearing proper gear, such as helmets, knee pads, merino socks, and sports shoes, among others. This is important so that you don’t end up hurting yourself in the process.

3. Take appetite suppressant pills. We all experience crazy cravings at least once in a while. You want to make sure that those mood swings will not affect your weight goal. One popular type of appetite suppressant is Phentermine, a drug used to assist weight loss for obese people. You’ve probably heard this one or used it, too. If not, it’s definitely a must-try.

4. Adopt a healthy lifestyle. You are entering a phase that requires your lifetime commitment. This is lifestyle change and not just any fad dieting or workout challenge. Join marathons, biking clubs, or any group that promotes a healthy lifestyle. All you need to do is get a durable bicycle suitable for you to ride around. You may not need to get a brand new one as you can get used ones on classified portals like Shoppok ( or the ones like them. Such bikes tend to be sturdy and can last for a long time. That said, aside from eating healthy foods, also keep an active lifestyle. Also avoid deadly vices like smoking, excessive drinking, and drugs.

Why Choose Phentermine as Your Appetite Suppressant

We’ve mentioned about Phentermine above as an appetite suppressant. This pill is one of the safest pills prescribed by doctors to help obese people lose weight easily. This works by sending neuron signals to your brain that you are already full, so you will not feel hungry at all. Phentermine is also a more affordable option, making it a popular choice among those who want to lose weight or maintain their normal and healthy weight.

Remember that losing weight is not a license to indulge in an eating spree or stay in bed all day. Slacking off is the fastest way to go back to the old, fat, unhealthy you. You’ve done the hardest part of changing your life. All you need to do now is continue what you’re doing and keep that weight off.

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May 25 2016

Phentermine Prescription: Your Key to Successful Weight Loss

Published by under Phentermine

phentermine-prescription-successful-weight-lossLosing weight is a common problem of millions of Americans today. With the kind of diet and lifestyle of most people, reducing their weight to normal levels seems to be impossible to achieve. It is also a fact that most of them have tried to lose weight through dieting programs and supplements. Some of them are successful but others are not. This could be due to the ineffective programs that they chose or their failure to adopt positive changes in their lifestyle. Another problem of obese people is choosing the wrong type of treatment or medication. In most instances, the drug that they are taking are not appropriate for their health condition. There are some weight loss medications that are not recommended for patients with cardiovascular diseases and other serious health conditions.

Even those who are taking Phentermine for weight loss may not get positive results even if the drug is known for its efficacy. One possible reason is that the person has little knowledge about the potency of the drug or he is taking it the wrong way.

The Importance of Phentermine Prescription

The guidance of a health care practitioner is very critical in ensuring the success of your weight loss journey. Although Phentermine is an effective weight loss drug, you still need the advice and recommendation of your doctor. You need to undergo proper examination for reliable diagnosis of your health condition. Obesity is a complex disease and must be treated with caution. So before you buy Phentermine, make sure that you have a valid Phentermine prescription from your doctor.

Please take note that Phentermine is a Schedule IV drug and requires a prescription before you can use it for weight loss treatment. Don’t be confused with the non-prescription type of Phentermine. This type has a different composition and ingredients. Most of these Phentermine alternatives contains herbal, vitamins, and other non-prescription ingredients.

Right Prescription Ensures Successful Weight Loss

There are countless success stories of obese people who took Phentermine as their primary medication for obesity treatment. They all have positive experiences with the drug because of the right diagnosis of their doctor and proper administration of the drug. If you get the right prescription, you will be assured of a successful weight loss.

But how can you determine if you’ve got the right prescription? Here are some of our tips:

• the prescribed treatment period should not be more than 3 months
• the dosage should be based on the capability of your body
• the prescription should start at the lowest dose
• the recommended intake should be every morning before breakfast
• the drug should be taken once or twice a day

In addition, your progress should be closely monitored by your doctor. Any side effect that you may experience must be addressed immediately to avoid complications. Your doctor should also recommend a healthy diet and changes in your lifestyle. This will help you reach your weight loss goal faster and in a safer way.

Prescription Phentermine vs. Over-the-counter Weight Loss Supplements

If you want to avoid taking ineffective weight loss drugs, choose only proven ones like Phentermine. Over-the-counter supplements may not offer the long term benefits that you want. Weight rebounding after completing a weight loss program is a common problem of obese people. You can avoid this situation by seeking the help of experienced doctors. They will make prescriptions that will guarantee your weight loss.

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May 20 2016

Taking Phentermine Right to Ensure Weight Loss

Published by under Phentermine

taking-phentermine-right-for-weight-lossA third of US population is considered obese, and studies show that the rate will continue to increase. But why worry about the number of obesity in the country? Obesity is a serious health condition that needs to be addressed immediately. It increases the risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes to name a few. The lives and lifestyles of many obese people are also affected because of this condition. It also affects their emotional and social well-being. With these undesirable effects, obesity should be treated as soon as possible. The usual exercise and dieting is the way to lose weight for some. However, these are not enough if you are already obese. Losing 200 pounds or more is almost impossible if there is no proven medication to take.

Treating obesity is not as simple as exercising and following a fad diet. Weight loss pills are also recommended together with lifestyle changes to make it easier for an obese individual to lose weight. This combo is more effective especially for people at high risk of obesity-related diseases. One of the weight loss pills commonly prescribe by doctors is Phentermine. This is a stimulant with similar characteristics with amphetamine. It suppresses the appetite by directly affecting how the central nervous system works.

How to take Phentermine right

Phentermine is an effective medication for obesity. However, its efficacy depends on how it is administered. It’s best to follow the doctor’s prescription to ensure the success of the treatment.

For those who are already successful in their weight loss endeavor, they have something in common. They took Phentermine the right way – from the dosage to length of treatment. Please note that this drug is available in different forms and different dosages. Here’s a guide on how to take each form:

Capsules. 15 to 30 mg of capsule should be taken once a day, an hour before or 2 hours after breakfast.
Disintegrating tablets. One tablet a day, taken each morning.
Extended-release capsules. Recommended dosage is one capsule a day before breakfast.
Tablets. Those 18.75 mg to 37.5 mg should be taken once a day preferably one to two hours after breakfast.

Phentermine is recommended only for 17 years old and older. Children are prescribed with a different kind of medication to help them lose weight. This drug should not be taken 3 to 4 hours before sleep to avoid insomnia. In case of a missed dose, it’s best to take it as soon as possible. But just wait if it’s almost time for your next dose. Never take double doses to avoid experiencing some negative body reactions.

Avoiding the side effects

Phentermine is an effective anti-obesity drug. But you may also experience some side effects during the treatment. Some of common side effects include:

• Hyperactivity
• Feeling restless
• Headache
• Tremors
• Dizziness
• Insomnia
• Dry mouth
• Unpleasant taste
• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Upset stomach

These side effect are temporary. But if you can’t tolerate these effects, ask the help of your doctor. He can adjust the dose or revise your weight loss program. Besides taking the right dosage at the right time, it also helps to drink more water. It will not only hydrate you but also help address one of the side effects of Phentermine, which is dry mouth.

Sustained weight loss with Phentermine

Remember that Phentermine is not a magic pill that makes you slim in an instant. It is a medication used to help you lose weight by making you feel less hungry. You can also adopt a new lifestyle, control your diet, and become active to fast track your weight loss. Exercising at least 3 times a week is a good start. Do whatever you can — jog, walk, dance, or swim. It will tighten loose muscles and also help in burning more calories. You can also sustain your weight loss by sticking to your daily calorie allowance. You can check your basal metabolic rate, or the amount of calories you burn even if you sleep all day. You can easily do this by using calorie calculators or some online apps.

Again, Phentermine is not a magic pill. It will help you lose weight but you should also adopt ways to facilitate the weight loss process. Use it as prescribed and you can expect positive results in no time.

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May 12 2016

Obesity in Children Linked to Gestational Obesity, Study Says

Published by under Obesity

obese-mothers-and-child-obesityThe United States has a large obese population. The country’s obesity problem includes the young population. Statistics shows that 33.4 percent of children age 2 to 19 years old are classified as obese. Despite efforts to curtail obesity in the last two decades, the government achieve little progress. While there are medications that can be prescribed to treat obesity, it is still better to prevent its occurrence. This is one of the reasons why researchers continue to find answers to this childhood obesity epidemic.

A recent study about childhood obesity and its possible cause was published by Kaiser Permanente Centre for Health Research. The study found out that mothers who gained excess weight and have had high blood glucose during pregnancy are 30% more likely to have their babies become obese, regardless if the newborns were born at normal weight.

The Study Samples

Lead researcher, Dr. Teresa Hillier, analyzed the medical records of more than 24,000 mothers and monitored the weight of their children until they reach the age of ten. All are Kaiser Permanente members in Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon. The mothers were regularly screened to check if they have gestational diabetes and their weight were closely monitored during the pregnancy period.

Meanwhile, the study followed a total of 13,037 babies who had normal weight when they were born. Babies born between 1995 and 2003 were the ones included. The weight of the babies were closely monitored by using BMI.

Likelihood of Children Becoming Obese

Pregnant mothers with higher blood sugar levels were found to have children with higher obesity risk. There were also pregnant mothers who actually had gestational diabetes and had the highest levels of blood sugar. Their children were found to be at least 30% more likely to be overweight. This is compared to children whose pregnant mothers have had normal blood sugar levels.

Another factor that the researchers have taken into account is the mother’s pregnancy weight. The Institute of Medicine highly recommends that pregnant women should not gain more than 40 pounds during pregnancy. In the sample, those who reached or surpassed that 40-pound benchmark have children who are at least 15 percent at higher risk of obesity and being overweight. Therefore, keeping the pregnancy weight gain lower than 40 pounds could have possibly prevented childhood obesity.

Hillier concluded that the abnormal sugar level and too much weight gain might have contributed to metabolic imprinting or obesity imprinting on babies.

Warning for Mothers-To-Be

This new study might help health care providers to prevent more cases of obesity in children and help reduce the percentage of obesity in the country. The most important finding is mothers can do something to prevent their children from becoming obese right from the start of their pregnancy journey. The findings should be enough to warn overweight mothers to watch their diet and keep a healthy weight. Their blood sugar and weight should be checked regularly.

Taking a Preventive Approach

If you are also pregnant, do not starve yourself. It’s ideal to eat foods that will benefit your and your baby’s health. If you are trying to get pregnant, consider taking weight loss supplements to reduce your excess weight. There are different types of weight loss products that you can choose from, such as fat burners and appetite suppressant pills. Having a normal body weight will reduce your chances of becoming obese during pregnancy. This will also reduce your baby’s tendency to become obese when grow up.

Always consult your health care provider to ensure that you’re doing things right before, during, and after pregnancy.

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