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Nov 10 2015

Can Phentermine Affect Your Drug Test Results?

Published by at 6:43 pm under Phentermine

drug-test-results-phentermineWe’ve heard that a lot of Phentermine users are asking about the possibility of having a positive test result for taking the drug. We understand this concern since a failed test could mean dismissal from the job, rejection of job application, or disqualification from certain event or competition. In certain sports, a positive result for certain substance could also mean huge fines and suspension from the sports for years.

Phentermine is legally available in the country and used as an anti-obesity medication. Anybody can take it as long as he or she has a valid doctor’s prescription. But when it comes to passing a routine or random drug testing, many are worried about having positive results. The reason behind this is Phentermine’s composition and characteristics. It belongs to the family of amphetamines, a substance that is commonly included in drug tests. The use of amphetamines and other similar drugs is prohibited in the workplace, sports, military, and other organizations.

It is Really a Concern?

Common drug testing procedures, such as urine tests, can detect Phentermine. If you are currently taking it for weight loss, there is a great possibility that you’ll test positive for amphetamines. But the result is not a major concern since confirmatory tests will prove that you are not taking those prohibited drugs. This kind of test result is called false positive, which means the test has detected a controlled substance in your system.

How to Avoid a False Positive Result for Phentermine?

Getting a false-positive test result can trigger red flags and may cause inconvenience on your part. The best thing to do is to inform the drug testing lab or authorities about all your medications, including the weight loss drug that you are taking. Provide them a copy of your prescription before the scheduled test so they would understand any inconsistencies in your drug test result. The rule of thumb is to always disclose all the medications you are taking, whether you are subjected to a random or routine drug test.

Meanwhile, you can avoid the hassle of getting a false positive result by preparing for the test. First, you need to stop taking Phentermine a week before your scheduled drug test. It is the estimated time to clear your body of any amount or trace of Phentermine. This drug has a half-life of 7 to 20 hours, so it can be cleared from your body in 2 to 4 days. The dosage, length of treatment, and other factors must also be considered to ensure a clean test result. But a word of caution, talk to your doctor before doing this because Phentermine can cause withdrawal symptoms when stopped abruptly. It may also affect your weight loss goal if you are following a comprehensive weight loss program.

Weigh Your Options, Talk to Your Doctor

By following the tip above, you can surely get a clean test result. However, we highly recommend that you talk to your health care provider about the advantages and disadvantages of stopping the medication before your scheduled test. Your health is your top priority, so make sure that you will not encounter any side effect if you discontinued the medication. The possibility of getting a false positive test result should be the least of your concern, unless you are taking the drug without a valid prescription.

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