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Archive for November, 2015

Nov 30 2015

Weight Loss Helps Protect Knee Cartilage, New Study Revealed

Published by under Weight Loss

weight-loss-osteoarthritis-studyA recent study presented at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago, IL revealed that significant weight loss can help slow down knee cartilage degeneration. Osteoarthritis, which is common to older people aging 50 years old and up, is a degenerative joint disease. People with this condition suffer from progressive loss of the cartilage in the joint, particularly in the knee. When the disease progresses and the cartilage is totally damaged, surgical treatment may be needed.

Another health condition that may contribute to the worsening of the disease is obesity. The excess weight can put more stress on joints like the knees and hips. It also increases inflammation-promoting proteins that is produced by fat tissue.

What the Experts Found Out?

According to lead researcher, Dr. Alexandra Gersing of the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF), the loss of cartilage in osteoarthritis is irreversible. However, there are still hope for those people suffering from this health condition. Dr. Gersing said that losing weight can help slow down the progression of the disease. The study aimed at finding the link between the amount of weight loss to the rate of knee cartilage degeneration. A total of 506 obese and overweight patients participated in the nationwide study. They are either at risk of the disease or had mild to moderate osteoarthritis.

The group’s finding showed that those obese people who lose more than 10 percent weight were able to slow down the progress of the disease. Meanwhile, those who did not lose any significant weight or those who lose weight but below the 10 percent mark, the degeneration of the knee cartilage continues.

How Can You Lose 10% of Your Body Weight?

Dr. Gersing said that significant weight loss will help preserve the knee joint and even reduce the risk of developing osteoarthritis. However, achieving more than the 10 percent weight loss is impossible for some obese and overweight people. They may have tried taking supplements or perform exercises to lose weight but the result is minimal weight reduction.

If you want to prevent the worsening of your condition, you have to follow proven methods and take the right medications. You also need a health care professional to guide you in the weight loss process. Here are some of our recommendation:

• Engage in regular exercise
• Adopt a healthy diet plan
• Change your lifestyle
• Take medication for obesity such as Phentermine

The last option is a prescription medication so you must first secure prescription from your doctor or health care practitioner. Phentermine is known for its efficacy and ability to promote faster weight loss. However, the drug is only available for those who have prescriptions so you must really consult a doctor. If you combine this appetite suppressant with other effective methods such as healthy dieting and exercise, you can surely lose weight beyond the 10% weight loss mark. Obesity should be managed early to avoid aggravating other diseases such as osteoarthritis.

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Nov 26 2015

Want to Lose Weight Fast? Do It the Right Way

Published by under Weight Loss

lose-weight-fast-the-right-wayIf you found our blog through the search engines, we are sure that you are searching for tips or ways to efficiently lose weight. While there are countless methods and techniques that you can follow to reduce your body weight, not all can provide positive and long-term results. You can find numerous anti-obesity products in the market today but only a few can guarantee their claims. There are products that can even cause serious health conditions if not taken properly or bought from shady manufacturers or pharmacies. Even surgical procedures, which are the last recourse for obese people, may not be 100 percent effective in treating obesity. So if you are one of the millions of Americans who are considered overweight or morbidly obese, you should carefully study these weight loss options before choosing one.

We do understand that obesity is a serious medical condition that must be treated immediately. However, you have to make sure that the specific weight loss method or technique that you will adopt is the most appropriate for your condition.

Losing Weight Fast the Right Way

Do you want to lose weight fast? Read on and find out the best solution to your weight problem. You can effectively lose weight without worrying about the side effects or the cost of completing the weight loss program. Most health experts agree that losing weight is not an easy task to do. You must be committed, patient, and determined to change your lifestyle. These are the first things that you should do if you want to succeed in your weight loss regimen.

You can lose weight fast and in a safer manner by following these simple tips and guides:

• Start with the right weight loss method or program. Health experts warn obese people to shun fad and crash diets. While these options provide dramatic weight loss results, they don’t last. If you will use any of these methods, prepare for a weight rebound. This condition is more difficult to treat since it can result in a cycle. You should also study carefully those quick weight loss programs before using them for your weight loss regimen. Some of them may include taking supplements that are not yet approved by the FDA.

• Choose proven ways to lose weight. Eating healthy foods and performing routine exercises are still the best methods to lose weight. You don’t have to starve yourself or stay in the gym for long hours just to see the results. You can start engaging yourself with small activities like a few steps between your work time, instead of sitting in a place for a longer period. Many firms especially corporate organizations have started practicing well-being activities for their employees as a part of corporate wellness programs. This is not only applicable to the corporate world, every individual could design their own challenges to attain a healthy lifestyle. Gradually you can start participating in physical activities, and sports to manage your physical and mental health. In addition to this, you have to keep a constant check on your diet. By monitoring the type of food, you eat and exercising regularly, you can shed those unwanted fats slowly but surely. For example, if you take 1000 to 1200 calories per day and exercise at least an hour a day, you can already lose 3-5 lbs. per week.

• Take the right weight loss medication. Don’t just buy any weight loss medication. Make sure that you take only a proven and effective weight loss drug such as Phentermine. This drug is an appetite suppressant to help control your hunger pangs. It works best if you also follow a healthy diet and regular exercise. Phentermine is the usual recommended medication for weight loss because of its efficacy and manageable side effects. It is also used as a short-term treatment for obesity, so you can expect weight reduction in the first few weeks of medication.

Outstanding Weight Loss Results

Combining the right methods and techniques will surely provide you with the best weight loss results. Start with simple ways to lose weight and choose the right combination. We highly recommend healthy dieting, regular exercise, and taking Phentermine to aid in the weight loss process. By following this program, you can surely achieve your weight loss goal in no time.

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Nov 17 2015

What is the Right Diet for Phentermine Users?

Published by under Phentermine

right-diet-for-phentermine-usersPhentermine is an appetite suppressant drug that is commonly prescribed for people who are overweight or obese. It is recommended for individuals with a body mass index of 27 or above. These people are more prone to the health risks associated with obesity, so doctors may prescribe medicines to control their weight gain or help them lose weight faster.

But taking Phentermine alone is not a cure-all formula for your weight problem. There are other effective and proven methods that can help you lose weight while on Phentermine medication. In fact, doctors always recommend a holistic approach when dealing with obesity. They know that using a single method may not be enough to provide positive results. Various factors such as lifestyle, eating habits, genetics, work environment, and other medical conditions of the individual will determine the kind of medication or treatment that the doctor may recommend.

Kind of Diet Critical when Taking Phentermine

The usual recommendation for those who are on Phentermine treatment is to adopt a healthy diet plan. The right kind of diet is very critical since it can affect the success of any weight loss program. If you are one of those who are currently on Phentermine medication, your health care provider may have already advised you to include a healthy diet in your weight loss regimen. This is to ensure healthier and faster weight loss.

But what is the right kind of diet for Phentermine users? Here are some of the diet plans that are highly recommended for those who are taking Phentermine for weight loss:

Low-carb diet. A low carb diet restricts the amount of carbohydrates that you take. It is more focused on eating foods rich in protein, non-starchy vegetables, fruits, and non-gluten grains. You have to avoid foods with high sugar content, as well as seed oils, HFCS, artificial sweeteners, wheat, trans fats, and highly processed foods. The idea behind a low-carb diet is that the stored fats will be used by the body because of lower production of insulin. Faster burning of stored fats in the body will result in weight loss and help in lowering the risk of an individual from suffering diabetes and other medical conditions.

When properly administered, the low-carb diet can help an overweight or obese person lose weight faster. It is better if you have a nutritionist who can guide you in choosing the right kind of food or the number of carbohydrates to take. Please take note that Phentermine is an appetite suppressant so the amount and nutrient content of the food you take must be monitored. Experts recommend 900 to 1300 calories per day, which is equivalent to 225 to 325 grms. of carbohydrates per day. Taking lower than the suggested amount can result in some health risks.

Low-fat diet. As the name suggests, a low-fat diet restricts the intake of fatty foods, particularly those that contain high saturated fats. Fat is one of the reasons why millions of people US are overweight and obese, so taking the right type and amount is very important. A low-fat meal usually contain lean meat, low-fat dairies, vegetables, and fruits. Further, it becomes very important to substitute those sugary soda drinks with healthy alternatives such as mushroom coffee. Made from different medicinal mushrooms, these beverages can help provide support to the body as it undergoes the weight loss journey. From boosting immunity to maintaining energy levels, medicinal mushrooms can help with a lot, which is why including them in the diet may prove beneficial. A recent study revealed that people who follow this type of dieting have a higher weight loss rate compared with those who followed a low-carb dieting.

Phentermine plus Healthy Diet for Successful Weight Loss

You can only succeed in losing those excess weight if you adopt a proven and effective weight loss program. For example, combining Phentermine treatment with a low-fat or low-carb diet plan will surely give you positive results. These diet plans will not result in nutrient deficiency or starvation but are more focused on eating healthy foods. And when you combine these with the appetite suppressing capabilities of Phentermine, you can achieve your dream healthy body in no time.

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Nov 10 2015

Can Phentermine Affect Your Drug Test Results?

Published by under Phentermine

drug-test-results-phentermineWe’ve heard that a lot of Phentermine users are asking about the possibility of having a positive test result for taking the drug. We understand this concern since a failed test could mean dismissal from the job, rejection of job application, or disqualification from certain event or competition. In certain sports, a positive result for certain substance could also mean huge fines and suspension from the sports for years.

Phentermine is legally available in the country and used as an anti-obesity medication. Anybody can take it as long as he or she has a valid doctor’s prescription. But when it comes to passing a routine or random drug testing, many are worried about having positive results. The reason behind this is Phentermine’s composition and characteristics. It belongs to the family of amphetamines, a substance that is commonly included in drug tests. The use of amphetamines and other similar drugs is prohibited in the workplace, sports, military, and other organizations.

It is Really a Concern?

Common drug testing procedures, such as urine or hair follicle drug test, can detect Phentermine. If you are currently taking it for weight loss, there is a great possibility that you’ll test positive for amphetamines. But the result is not a major concern since confirmatory tests will prove that you are not taking those prohibited drugs. This kind of test result is called a false positive, which means the test has detected a controlled substance in your system. And this surely shouldn’t affect your employment, even if there is a drug test conducted in your workplace. In case, however, you are scared of being wrongly accused, a situation which can lead to termination, remember that you can always contact reputed employment solicitors to protect your rights.

How to Avoid a False Positive Result for Phentermine?

Getting a false-positive test result can trigger red flags and may cause inconvenience on your part. The best thing to do is to inform the drug testing lab or authorities about all your medications, including the weight loss drug that you are taking. Provide them a copy of your prescription before the scheduled test so they would understand any inconsistencies in your drug test result. The rule of thumb is to always disclose all the medications you are taking, whether you are subjected to a random or routine drug test.

Meanwhile, you can avoid the hassle of getting a false positive result by preparing for the test. First, you need to stop taking Phentermine a week before your scheduled drug test. It is the estimated time to clear your body of any amount or trace of Phentermine. This drug has a half-life of 7 to 20 hours, so it can be cleared from your body in 2 to 4 days. The dosage, length of treatment, and other factors must also be considered to ensure a clean test result. But a word of caution, talk to your doctor before doing this because Phentermine can cause withdrawal symptoms when stopped abruptly. It may also affect your weight loss goal if you are following a comprehensive weight loss program.

Weigh Your Options, Talk to Your Doctor

By following the tip above, you can surely get a clean test result. However, we highly recommend that you talk to your health care provider about the advantages and disadvantages of stopping the medication before your scheduled test. Your health is your top priority, so make sure that you will not encounter any side effect if you discontinued the medication. The possibility of getting a false positive test result should be the least of your concern, unless you are taking the drug without a valid prescription.

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