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Archive for October, 2015

Oct 31 2015

Avoid Binge Eating with Phentermine Use

Published by under Phentermine

phentermine-use-avoid-binge-eatingBinge eating is an eating disorder that requires immediate medical and psychological treatment. It is not a simple medical condition since it needs careful evaluation of the individual to determine the most appropriate treatment to use. Since a single mode of treatment is not enough to address the condition, health experts use psychotherapy and prescription medications to control the symptoms and eating behavior of the individual. When this condition is not treated properly, it can lead to obesity and other serious health conditions.

The psychotherapy treatment usually include cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, and dialectical behavior therapy. Often binge eating can be symptomatic of a larger problem like depression, anxiety or stress. Rooting out the main problem can often cure the symptom. Therefore, trying out Holistic Therapies from certified experts could help you manage the underlying condition and reduce overeating. Research showed that people who underwent binge eating disorder therapy were able to reduce weight. Moreover, twenty five percent of the respondents attained long-term success in maintaining their normal weight. While psychotherapy is seen by some health experts as the safest and most cost-effective treatment, others are still recommending prescription medications to improve the success rate of the treatment.

Prescription Medications for Binge Eating

There are several available medications for binge eating disorder. They are prescription drugs so they must be taken only if there is a prescription from a doctor. One drug that is approved for this medical condition is Lisdexamfetamine dimesylate. It is a stimulant that is primarily used to treat moderate to severe binge eating disorder. Other popular medications that may help reduce symptoms include topiramate and antidepressants.

Most doctors also recommend the use of appetite suppressant drugs to control binge eating. The most popular is Phentermine, which is primarily used to treat obesity. Since binge eating can result in being obese, the drug is a perfect addition to the treatment program. The appetite suppressing capabilities of Phentermine is effective in controlling binge eating episodes. Cravings for food will be controlled, thus the percentage of becoming obese is lowered.

The Topiramate and Phentermine Combo for Binge Eating

The Phentermine and topiramate combo drug is also getting the approval of many health care practitioners. This combo drug can effectively address the symptoms of binge eating disorder. One brand that was recently approved by the FDA is Qsymia. You can get more information about the drug in our site or ask your doctor about it. Remember that these medications are not intended to cure your condition but recommended to control the symptoms.

As mentioned, an individual who is diagnosed with this type of eating disorder needs comprehensive treatment program that may include therapy, group support, and self-help techniques. And the addition of Phentermine in the treatment program is a great help for the patient. It has been proven that the drug is effective in controlling appetite and helps in managing weight of obese patients.

Using Phentermine to Avoid Binge Eating

And for those who are still asking if Phentermine can help avoid or prevent binge eating; our answer is yes. With proper use and guidance, this appetite suppressant drug is an invaluable medication for people with such medical condition. It is also safer to use, making it one of the most prescribed medications for weight-related medical conditions. Moreover, Phentermine is only recommended for short-term use and competitively priced compared with other similar drugs in the market, so purchasing Phentermine is not a burden to the patient’s pocket.

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Oct 20 2015

Newbie’s Guide to Effective Phentermine Use

Published by under Phentermine

newbie-guide-phentermine-useAre you a first time user of Phentermine? Or do you plan to take it as a supplement to your existing weight loss regimen? If yes, then you need to know the important functions and characteristics of this popular weight loss drug to enjoy its wonderful benefits. Phentermine is a potent anti-obesity medication, so you have to be well-informed of its capabilities and possible side effects. Don’t just take Phentermine because it was recommended by your peers or you use it because you saw some excellent online reviews about its effectiveness.

If you are a newbie, it’s better to seek the help of health care professionals. You can also use the information in this blog to help you maximize the positive weight loss effects of Phentermine.

Important Guide for Phentermine Users

We know that obese or overweight people want the best results when taking medications for weight loss. But they can only achieve outstanding results if they are well-informed of the limitations and functions of the specific weight loss drug that they are taking. In this article, we want to help would-be users to understand how Phentermine works and its effects on their body.

For people who are advised to take Phentermine, they can follow these simple tips to guide them in their weight loss journey:

• Prepare for lifestyle change. The first thing that you should do if you want to succeed in your weight loss regimen is to prepare yourself to the changes in your daily activities and lifestyle. Weight loss is not only about taking Phentermine or any other weight loss drug but also about changing your negative behavior and unhealthy lifestyle. Start eating healthy foods, doing regular exercises, and avoiding vices if you want to lose weight. Taking Phentermine alone is not a guarantee that you will achieve your desired weight.

• Take the right dosage. Since Phentermine is a prescription drug, you have to follow the prescribe dosage. Taking more or less than the recommended dose may not provide positive results. Just like any other drug, over dosage can pose serious complications, which can be life threatening. This appetite suppressant drug is available in 15mg, 30 mg, and 37.5 mg, so please make sure that you are taking the right dosage.

• Know the side effects. While Phentermine is touted as one of the safest weight loss medications available today, there are still some people who might experience side effects. The side effects range from mild to moderate, which can be managed or avoided with the help of your doctor. The common side effects include dry mouth, insomnia, mild headache, upset stomach, hyperactive, and diarrhea or constipation.

• Taking Phentermine at the right time. One of the secrets of many happy Phentermine users is taking it at the right time. This anti-obesity drug is recommended to be taken early in the morning, preferably before breakfast, to maximize its appetite suppressing effects. If you need to take it twice a day, the second dose should be taken 2-3 hours before bedtime. This will prevent the occurrence of some side effects such as sleeplessness and hyperactivity.

Expect a Successful Weight Loss with Phentermine

Even if you are a newbie when it comes to taking prescription weight loss drugs such as Phentermine, you can still ensure the success of your weight loss program. You can do this by understanding how Phentermine works in your body. And with the guides that we have enumerated above, you can surely lose weight without worrying about the negative side effects of the drug. If you still need more information about Phentermine, browse this site or visit your doctor.

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Oct 15 2015

Phentermine is Still the Leading Weight Loss Drug

Published by under Phentermine

leading-weight-loss-drug-phentermineToday, there are a lot of weight loss drugs that can be purchased with or without a prescription. Most of these medications promote weight loss by controlling appetite, improving the body’s metabolism, or increasing the fat burning capabilities of the body. Although most of these drugs provide positive results, there are only a few that can stand out from the rest and this include the weight loss drug Phentermine. Read on and find out why it is still the leading weight loss drug in the market today.

The Leading Weight Loss Drug Today

The most preferred weight loss drug by obese and overweight people is Phentermine. This is not surprising given the characteristics of the drug and the positive results that it can provide. In fact, more and more people are now using it because of the positive reviews online and offline.

Let us give you some of the factors why Phentermine is still the leading weight loss drug today.

• Affordable weight loss drug. One of the reasons why a lot of obese people choose Phentermine is the affordability of the drug. When compared with other weight loss drugs in the market, it is cheaper and will not put a dent on your pocket when used for obesity treatment. There are also generic and herbal versions that cost lower than the branded ones.

• Tolerable side effects. When properly administered, Phentermine will not cause any side effect to the user. It is one of the safest weight loss drugs in the market today, so the side effects will not become a major concern. Most of the negative side effects are mild and can be easily managed with the help of a health care professional. For example, dry mouth is avoided by drinking more water or increasing daily liquid intake. If you are currently taking Phentermine, you should prepare yourself for any side effect that you may experience. Users have different tolerance so the body’s reaction to the drug will also differ.

• Used for short-term treatment. The great thing about Phentermine is that it is recommended only for short-term obesity treatment. Obese patients should only take it up to 12 weeks. This is the recommended length of treatment and you should be able to attain your weight loss goal after the said period. With Phentermine, losing weight will be a lot easier, faster, and easy on the pockets.

• Proven effective. If you are obese or overweight, you only want to take medicines that can guarantee weight loss. But choosing the right one can be difficult if they all promise the same thing. Your best option is to choose the drug that has been in the market for decades already just like Phentermine. This means that the drug has been proven effective and helped countless individuals fight obesity. You can hardly find an anti-obesity drug that can help obese people lose weight of up to 100 lbs. in the first few weeks of treatment.

Phentermine is the Answer to Obesity Epidemic

For countless obese people, Phentermine is the perfect weight loss drug for them. It is not only effective in helping them maintain normal and healthy weight but also help them experience better lives. Moreover, the qualities of Phentermine makes it the best option for people who need to lose weight fast but in a safer manner.

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Oct 09 2015

How to Counter Phentermine’s Common Side Effects

Published by under Phentermine

common-phentermine-side-effectsAre you one of those who are afraid to take Phentermine because of the possible side effects that you may experience while taking the drug? Or you’re just hesitant to try the medication because of some negative reviews about the drug. If your answer is yes, it’s time to take a second look at the positive benefits that you’ll get when you take it as prescribe by your health care professional. Phentermine is generally a safe anti-obesity drug. It has been the choice of most doctors because of its effectiveness in treating obesity and in managing weight of obese and overweight people.

Since Phentermine is a prescription only drug, your doctor will only prescribe the drug if it is really needed. Your health care provider will also perform tests and other medical procedures to determine the right dosage that will maximize Phentermine’s positive effects and minimize the negative ones. If you are properly guided, these negative side effects will be avoided or properly controlled.

Some of the Common Side Effects of Phentermine

Majority of Phentermine users do not encounter any problem with the medication. It is actually the best weight loss drug that can help them lose weight in just a short period of time. This characteristics makes it the most effective drug in its class. Most of the weight loss drugs available today are used for several months and some are even used for years just to maintain the healthy weight of users.

However, there are still some overweight and obese people who may experience the negative side effects of Phentermine. The effects could be due to the reaction of the body to the ingredients or to the changes in their lifestyle. But these should not stop you in continuing your weight loss regimen. According to studies, only 1-2 percent of users will experience the serious side effects of Phentermine. The rest will only experience mild ones, which can be easily managed with the help of your health care provider.

If you are currently taking Phentermine, you may experience these side effects:

• Dry mouth
• Itching
• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Sleeplessness
• Mild headache

Once you feel any of the above mentioned symptoms, stop taking the medication and call your doctor. Your doctor will assess your condition and provide options to counter the side effects of Phentermine.

There are also simple ways to counter Phentermine’s side effects. For example, Phentermine users are advised to take more liquid to avoid dry mouth. More liquid will also keep you hydrated while performing your routine exercises. It is also best to take the drug early in the morning or hours before bedtime to avoid sleeplessness. If you are experiencing other symptoms, always tell your doctor about them. They are the ones who can give the right advice.

Weight Loss Without the Side Effects

Phentermine is definitely the best solution for your weight problem. But you may still ask if you can achieve weight loss without the side effects? Don’t worry, it is always possible with the help of your doctor. As long as you follow the right dosage and length of treatment, you’ll be keeping yourself away from those side effects. You must also engage in healthy lifestyle like eating healthy foods and engaging in physical activities or exercises.

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