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Aug 24 2015

Can You Take Phentermine with Other Weight Loss Drugs?

Published by at 3:09 pm under Phentermine

taking-phentermine-other-weight-loss-drugsOne of the most popular weight loss drugs today is Phentermine. This anti-obesity medication has been the choice of most doctors nationwide because of its effectiveness in treating obesity. It is widely used for managing weight and preventing other symptoms and complications caused by being overweight or obese. Another reason why it is the choice of many obese people is its cost. Undergoing a Phentermine treatment will not become a burden to their pockets since the drug is cheaper compared with other available weight loss drugs in the market.

The great qualities of Phentermine as an anti-obesity drug may be not be enough for some obese people. There are still some who want to explore other treatment options just to fast-track their weight loss. Some are even thinking of combining Phentermine with other weight loss drugs to achieve dramatic results.

If you are also planning to take the same route, please reconsider your options. Phentermine is a potent medication that should not be taken with other drugs, especially without your doctor’s advice.

Here are some of the reasons why taking Phentermine with other weight loss drugs is not advisable:

• Belongs to the amphetamine class of drugs. Since Phentermine has qualities similar to amphetamines, it should not be taken with other drugs. Whether the drug is for weight loss, cardiovascular diseases, or other medical conditions, you should always seek the advice of your doctor. There are some medications that can trigger severe reactions and may lead to fatal complications. Some of the drugs contraindicated with Phentermine is listed here.

• Reduces appetite. The main function of Phentermine is to reduce or control appetite. When taken at the right time and dosage, it can dramatically reduce one’s hunger pangs. If you combine it with other weight loss drugs, the effect can become too dramatic which may affect your normal food intake. You might get fast weight loss results but you may also suffer undesirable effects. A body that is deprived of necessary nutrients will become weak and prone to illnesses. It can also aggravate certain medical conditions.

• May aggravate side effects. Just like any prescription drug, Phentermine users can also experience side effects. Among the common side effects include dry mouth, dizziness, sleeplessness, and increase in heart rate. These side effects can be triggered if another weight loss drug is taken by an obese person. In fact, there were previous Phentermine combo drugs that were pulled out from the market due to undesirable effects to the users. For example, the Phen-Fen combo, a very potent weight loss drug, resulted in valvular heart disease and other complications. The only combo drug that you can try today is Qsymia. However, you must still consult your doctor about this weight loss drug since Qsymia contains Topiramate, a drug used to prevent migraines and control seizures.

Is Phentermine Enough?

Phentermine’s ability to reduce weight is already proven. In fact, it can help you lose weight in just a short period of time. The amount of weight that you can lose in the first few weeks is around 30-60 lbs. This amount is actually the best result that you can get from a weight loss drug. Other options only promise minimal weight loss and require users to take them for extended period.

Our advice is for you to just stick to one weight loss drug. If you choose Phentermine, make sure that you complete the treatment and follow the doctor’s prescription. When properly it is administered, you can easily lose weight without worrying about any complications and side effects.

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