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Aug 17 2015

Low-Fat Diet Better for Weight Loss, Researchers Say

Published by at 4:33 pm under Weight Loss

low-fat-diet-better-for-weight-lossFor years, there has been a continuing debate about the effectiveness of low-fat diet as a weight loss method. A lot of people follow this kind of diet to lose weight and stay fit and healthy. There are also those who prefer the low-carb diet program because they believe it is more effective in reducing body fats and eventually achieving their desired weight. Other observers, meanwhile, believe that these two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, which make neither of them the perfect solution to obesity or weight problems.

Is Low-fat Diet Winning the Game?

Just recently, the researchers from the National Institutes of Health found out that low-fat diet is a better option for dealing with obesity. The findings revealed that obese participants who consumed lower fat lost an average of 463 grams while those who were given lower amount of carbohydrates only lost an average of 245 grams. When projections were used, obese people who follow low-fat diet for six months can lose 6 lbs of weight more than those who prefer the low-carb dieting.

The study was conducted in a controlled environment and modern equipment were used to measure body fat and other changes in the participant’s body.

The huge difference is a significant finding according to some health experts. Proponents of the low-fat diet are also happy with the result of this study. But can we say that the low-fat diet is the runaway winner in this battle? The answer is no. Dr. Kevin Hall, the lead researcher, said that people should not make sweeping generalizations about the efficacy of the low-fat diet. One particular reason that he pointed out is the total number of respondents in their study. They have a small sample size, which is only composed of 19 obese adults. Other factors that played significant roles in their study are the controlled environment and the specific diet that they recommended during the study.

According to Dr. Hall, these factors do not mirror normal dieting patterns of overweight or obese people. The result, however, can serve as a guide for people who want to use the low-fat or low-carb dieting method. For him, the most effective is the diet that one can follow for longer time period.

Other Weight Loss Options

Overweight and obese people should not only rely on low-carb or low-fat dieting. While the study favors low-fat diets, you should still consider adopting other weight loss methods or treatment to ensure the success of your weight loss regimen. For example, there are appetite suppressant drugs that can help suppress your food cravings. They will be a great help in reducing your fat or carbohydrate intake. By effectively controlling your appetite, you don’t have to worry about not meeting your doctor’s recommended calorie intake for the day.

Another simple addition to your weight loss program is exercise. With proper exercise, you can help burn stored fats in your body and at the same time increase your body’s metabolism.

Achieving a healthy and fit body is not an easy task. But if you find the weight loss program that perfectly fits for your condition, you can surely see positive and long term results. You may opt for low-fat diet, engage in routine exercises, and take appetite suppressant medications such as Phentermine. These combinations will guarantee fast, safe, and positive weight loss.


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