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Jul 19 2015

Achieving Normal Weight is Difficult for Obese People, Study Revealed

Published by at 10:21 pm under Obesity

weight-loss-for-morbidly-obese-peopleDo you wonder why you regain weight after completing different weight loss programs? You might be successful in losing some pounds during the weight loss process, but after a few months or years, you will again face the same situation where you need to work hard to lose those unwanted pounds. Your case is not peculiar since a lot of obese people suffer the same situation. In fact, a recent study in London showed that clinically obese people tend to regain weight after undergoing obesity treatment.

The research, which was published recently in the American Journal of Public Health, highlighted the need for more efficient obesity treatment or approach to help morbidly obese people find permanent solutions to their weight problems. The researchers noted that only 1 out of 1,290 obese men was able to enjoy permanent weight loss. Meanwhile, records of obese women showed that only 1 out of 655 women got her normal weight back. These figures also highlighted the predicament of obese people in sustaining a healthy and normal weight.

Obese People can Still Lose Weight

The study found out that severely obese people still lose weight despite their difficulty in achieving normal weight. In fact, records showed that most of them were able to lose at least 5 percent of their weight when they opted for certain weight loss treatment. This reduction in weight is critical in controlling health risks and other serious medical conditions. According to health experts, the 5% weight reduction can already produce measurable improvements in the overall health of an obese individual. It can help lower blood pressure, blood sugars, cholesterol, and other obesity-related diseases.

According to lead researcher Alison Fildes, 49% of men and 53% of women were able to achieve at least 5% weight loss. These figures are good indications that obese people can still lose weight but must sustain it to achieve permanent weight loss and achieve healthier bodies.

While the researchers recommend the introduction of more effective weight loss products and mode of treatment, they failed to mention the kind of obesity treatment that these individuals took or adopted. Their source of data is UK’s Clinical Practice Research Database and they analyzed the health records of 278,000 obese people from 2004 to 2014. But the researchers failed to include some relevant data in their findings. Some experts ask, why the specific treatment that these obese individuals received were not highlighted in the research work. This means that our health care providers may still offer products or services that aren’t effective anymore. For example, did they engaged in dieting and exercise regimen? Was the weight loss intentional or due to illnesses? Or some other factors? These valuable pieces of information will help stakeholders come up with better products, more efficient methods, and long-term solutions to obesity.

Choosing the Best Weight Loss Methods

If you have a BMI of 30 or more, always ask the help of a health care professional to address your medical condition. You are in the obesity category where losing weight is more difficult, which was confirmed in the Fildes’ study. A more stringent approach and probably a combination of different weight loss methods will help put an end to your dilemma.

You can follow a healthy diet plan, engage in exercise, take an appetite suppressant drug like Phentermine, or give in to surgery methods. Whichever of these methods and approaches you choose, make sure that you are guided by a health care professional.

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