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Apr 28 2015

Buying Phentermine Without Prescription: Is It Possible?

Published by at 4:35 pm under Phentermine

buying-phentermine-without-prescriptionA person is considered obese if his body mass index (BMI) exceeds 30. It’s a growing medical condition that has several possible negative effects on health. People suffering from obesity have reduced life expectancy and they are generally at risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, and cancer. Dieting and exercising will help but may not be effective for everyone. Treating obesity for good is possible if you are taking proven weight loss medications like Phentermine.

Phentermine is a popular anti-obesity drug that suppresses appetite. It is commonly used together with dieting and exercise to get the best results. But for those people who want to self-medicate, can they get this drug without a doctor’s prescription?

Buying Phentermine without Prescription

There are some drugs that you can easily get over-the-counter without needing prescription. But can you also buy Phentermine without prescription? The answer is no. Phentermine is a Schedule IV drug that has similar characteristics with amphetamines. Because of its characteristics, it is not recommended to patients with history of drug abuse or who live with someone with history of addiction. That’s why it is only prescribed for short term treatment to avoid dependency.

Phentermine can also interact with other drugs, particularly MOA inhibitors. So it is important to take this appetite suppressant under a doctor’s supervision.

Generic Options Still Need Prescription

Phentermine is available as a branded weight loss drug but there are also generic versions. You might have heard about Fastin and Oby-Trim. These are popular brands but are not available anymore for consumers. Today you can purchase and choose any of these branded pills: Suprenza, Obenix, and Adipex-P. There are also some brands, like Qsymia, that combine Phentermine with other weight loss medication.

You can opt for the generic versions of Phentermine to save a few bucks. But are you allowed to buy it without a prescription? Unfortunately, whether you get the branded option or the generic ones, you still need to get prescription from your doctor.

Prescriptions Not Required

Have you heard about the so-called natural Phentermine? Actually, these are herbal medicines that mimic the appetite suppressing effect of Phentermine. They are also effective weight loss products and generally have lesser side effects as compared with prescription-only medicines.

You’ll find a number of these brands being marketed as appetite suppressants. The typical ingredients include green tea extracts, biotin, piper nigrum, camellia sinensis, alpha lipoic acid, l-carnitine, and more of the well-known herbs that aid weight loss.

These natural alternatives do not need prescription from your doctor. You can buy them over the counter or from online health stores and simply take them as instructed. They are great alternatives especially for people who are simply overweight and not yet considered obese.

Choose the Right Type of Phentermine

While natural Phentermine can be bought without needing prescription, it doesn’t mean they are 100% safe to take. Consumers are advised to check the product’s FDA approval, its ingredients, and reviews from real users. Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry and everyone is trying to take a piece of this large amount of money. Make sure to get your Phentermine only from reputable sellers that will put your welfare on top of anything.

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