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Apr 02 2015

Maintain a Healthy Weight and Stop Worrying About Weight Rebound

Published by at 2:44 pm under Weight Loss

maintain-healthy-weight-stop-weight-reboundBased on research, at least 80 percent of overweight or obese people regain weight after dieting or engaging in a weight loss program. If there are more than 100 million Americans who are trying to lose weight every year, the high percentage of weight regain is still an alarming figure. This is one of the reasons why the government spends millions for health care and other obesity-related programs. And sad to say, these initiatives are not enough to lessen the incidence of obesity in the country.

The failure of many to have a successful weight loss should not discourage them to continue finding the right solutions to their weight problems. Health experts all agree that obesity can be treated with the proper mindset and the right method or approach. While dieting is the most common method of losing weight, it cannot guarantee permanent weight loss. As mentioned, those who have tried this method tend to gain weight after completing the program. Some people even gain more than the amount they have lost during the treatment.

Prevent Weight Gain Rebound with These Tips

There is still hope for obese people who can’t achieve permanent weight loss. We know that losing weight is a tedious endeavor and gaining the lost pounds after a few months is just frustrating. According to NCBI, a significant weight loss is greater than or equivalent to 10% reduction in the patient’s weight. This must be achieved during the first six months of the weight loss program. However, individuals who fail to maintain their weight in the next 18 months would certainly experience weight gain rebound. Once they have experienced this, it will be more difficult to shed those added pounds.

Here are some of the things that you should do to prevent a weight rebound after a successful weight loss regimen:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle. Majority of obese people have unhealthy lifestyles. If you are one of them, it’s time to change your bad habits and try to engage in worthwhile activities. Do not return to a sedentary lifestyle since this is one of the major causes of weight rebound. If you have had major problems with your diet or lifestyle in the past, then therapy could be the path you seek. Eating disorders can take a toll on anyone’s physical and mental health, which is why seeking help becomes important. Whether you look to innovative, novel solutions such as ketamine therapy that can address more deep-rooted issues, or stick to the tried and tested ways, it is up to you. But finding a way is important if you wish to stay committed on your weight loss journey.
  • Exercise regularly. Performing regular exercises will help burn fat and make your muscles more toned and firm. However, you should not stop doing your regular routine after achieving your desired weight. Doing simple exercises such as brisk walking or jogging will put weight gain at bay.
  • Continue your healthy diet. Most people tend to set aside their diet plan after losing some weight or achieving their desired weight. Researchers noted that dieting can result in gaining more weight if not properly done. So the best thing that you should do is to continue the diet plan that works for you.
  • Take an appetite suppressant. One of the most effective methods of preventing weight gain is by taking an appetite suppressant medicine. It suppresses appetite, which then help reduce food intake. But you have to choose proven and effective appetite suppressant drugs, like Phentermine. This type of medicine has been tried and tested by countless obese people in managing their weight. It is also the choice of doctors when treating serious cases of obesity.

Avoid the Weight Loss-Gain Cycle

Weight cycling, also called yo-yo weight loss, can increase your risks to serious medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. This is aside from the possible changes in your physiology and effects in your hormones. Researchers found out that gherlin, the hunger hormone increases when you are in a weight cycling scenario. Meanwhile, the hormone that controls your appetite decreases, which then result to an increase in food intake.

You can stop worrying about the weight cycling scenario by following our simple tips. In addition, engage only in weight loss programs that are proven to provide long term results. If dieting and exercise are not enough to maintain your desired weight, try taking Phentermine, an appetite suppressant medicine that can curb hunger and improve your metabolism. With this combination, you can surely have a successful weight loss without worrying about a weight rebound.

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