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Mar 31 2015

What You Should Know About Non-Prescription Phentermine

Published by at 4:24 am under Phentermine

buying-nonprescription-phenterminePhentermine is an anti-obesity medicine that is preferred by most health care professionals. It is prescribed as a short-term treatment for all types of obesity. It is also used by overweight people to manage their weight and avoid the complications of obesity. However, obese or overweight individuals can only take Phentermine if they have prescription for the drug. This anti-obesity medicine is classified as Schedule IV drug so a prescription is required before you can buy from pharmacies and online health stores.

An Alternative to Prescription Phentermine

The effectiveness of Phentermine is already proven by countless users around the world. In fact, an obese patient can shed 10 lbs – 30 lbs of weight in just a few weeks of treatment. The amount of weight loss is impressive as compared with other weight loss pills that are available in the market today.

But even if Phentermine offers outstanding results, there are still some obese people who prefer other weight loss options. Some of them don’t want to take synthetic medications so prescription one is not their primary option. If you are also one of them, don’t frown since you can choose the non-prescription Phentermine. With this type of Phentermine, you can still continue your weight loss regimen without worrying about the prescription.

Non-Prescription Phentermine: What You Should Know?

The use of non-prescription Phentermine is becoming a popular option today since it can be purchased without securing a prescription. You can purchase it over-the-counter or in online health stores. When it comes to efficacy, the non-prescription types are also effective in managing weight and treating obesity. They have similar characteristics with the prescription Phentermine, such as appetite suppressing capability, fat burning and energy boosting effects.

The alternative Phentermine is usually composed of natural ingredients so it is generally safe to use. You just have to be very careful when choosing which brand to use since some of them contain ingredients that are not approved by the FDA. The agency has already warned the public about the possible negative side effects of some ingredients in the non-prescription type of Phentermine. So if you opt for this type of weight loss drug, always read the label and make sure that it does not contain any harmful ingredients.

What to Look for in Nonprescription Phentermine

It is always best to perform an extensive research on any nonprescription weight loss medication that you intend to use. Since it is not regulated by the FDA, there is a possibility that it contains ingredients that may pose serious side effects. Here are some of the things that you should look for when choosing the nonprescription type:

• Reliable manufacturer. Make sure that the product is manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical or weight loss supplement company. If the product doesn’t indicate where it was manufactured and who distributes it to the market, you have to think twice before purchasing the weight loss product.

• Complete labeling. The bottle or packaging should indicate the composition of the non-prescription Phentermine. Each ingredient must be properly labeled, particularly the amount or dose, to ensure that you will be taking just the right dosage.

• Adheres to GMP. It will also help if you choose products that are GMP certified. A company that adheres to good manufacturing process is an indication that they are strict when it comes to the quality of their products. This will also avoid contamination or inclusion of harmful ingredients.

• Good reviews. Since there are numerous brands of non-prescription Phentermine, it is best to scrutinize the product before buying one. Your best option is to read online testimonials and other online reviews about the product. Good reviews mean that the product is effective in weight management or obesity treatment.

Start a Safe Weight Loss Now

You can have a safe weight loss regimen with the right kind of non-prescription Phentermine. By following the guide above, you will be able to avoid taking an ineffective weight loss product. And to be sure that you’re getting the right medication, consult your doctor.

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