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Feb 13 2015

What is the Best Phentermine Brand for Weight Loss?

Published by at 5:38 pm under Phentermine

best-phentermine-brand-for-weight-lossWe are certain that most of you would ask this question: What is the best Phentermine brand available in the market today? With so many brands to choose from, it would be difficult to determine which of these brands offer faster and better results. You add to this dilemma the intensive marketing efforts done by some pharmaceutical companies to market their brand of Phentermine. These companies will try to convince users that their product is much better than the others. Some would even try to use testimonials just to prove that their weight loss product is more effective in treating obesity and overweight problems.

If you are one of the countless obese people who are also confused on what brand to take, please continue reading this article and we’ll help you find the best Phentermine brand that will work for you.

Branded or Generic: You Choose

Before we discuss the different brands of Phentermine, obese patients have two options when choosing this type of weight loss drug. They can opt for the generic versions of Phentermine or buy the branded ones.

Choosing the generic version doesn’t mean that the drug is inferior or offer minimal weight loss results. It contains Phentermine HCL and also available in dosages similar to the branded pills. The major differences would only be in the packaging and how it is being marketed.

Meanwhile, the branded Phentermine are manufactured and labeled by pharmaceutical companies. The pill usually costs higher than the generic version because of intensive marketing, different packaging, modern manufacturing processes, and composition of the weight loss drug.

But whichever type you choose for your weight loss regimen, you need to secure first a prescription for the drug. It requires a valid prescription before you can buy from pharmacies and other online health stores.

The Dosage Matter

The effectiveness of Phentermine largely depends on the dosage prescribed by your doctor or health care practitioner. Since the drug is available in different dosage combination, your doctor should be able to determine the right dosage and intake frequency for you. There are some obese who respond better to lower dosages but there are also some who need higher dosages to experience positive weight loss results.

Your doctor may prescribe the 15mg or 30mg depending on your current medical conditions. For example, it is carefully administered to people with cardiovascular diseases and other serious medical conditions. There is also the Phentermine 37.5, which is touted as the most potent Phentermine that you can find today.

Branded Phentermine

Since the introduction of Phentermine in the early 1950′s, there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies that tried to introduce their own brand of Phentermine. But only some can withstand the stiff competition in the weight loss industry. Some were easily defeated by competition while other manufacturers were able gain their ground up to now.

Some of the popular Phentermine brands include:

• Obynix
• Suprenza
• Ionamin

Phentermine: Providing Weight Loss Results

The positive weight loss effect of Phentermine is unquestionable. It already helped countless obese patients lose their weight within three months of medication. But the amount of lost weight still depends on a lot of factors like the lifestyle of the patient, the dosage, and his or her reaction to the drug. As long as you are taking genuine Phentermine, regardless if it is generic or branded, you can expect fast and long term weight loss results.

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