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Archive for February, 2015

Feb 28 2015

Phentermine 37.5: The Usual Dose for Obesity Treatment

Published by under Phentermine

most-effective-phentermine-dosePhentermine has been the top choice of most obese and overweight people because of its remarkable weight loss results. The widespread use of the drug is greatly influenced by the numerous positive reviews and testimonials of users. In fact, it can help obese patients reduce their weight in just a short period of time. Added to this benefit is the minimal and manageable side effect of the drug.

If you are also overweight or obese, consider Phentermine as your primary mode of treatment. It can help you reduce weight within weeks and achieve your desired weight loss goal after three months of medication. But using this weight loss drug to solve your weight problem is not as easy as what you might think. You still have to follow proper dieting and engage in physical activities. It is also highly recommended that you adopt lifestyle changes to get the long-term benefits of the drug.

Another important thing to consider is determining the right Phentermine dosage. It is a prescription drug so you need the help of a health care professional. He or she will determine the right dosage that can provide maximum weight loss while minimizing the possible adverse side effects.

Various Doses of Phentermine

Phentermine is classified as a Schedule IV drug and must be only used upon the advice of a doctor. If you take Phentermine without securing a prescription, you are putting your health at risk. You might be taking more than the required dose for your condition or taking an amount that will not provide positive weight loss results.

The dose is determined by your doctor after taking into account various factors. Your medical history, current medical conditions, and prescribed medications are just some of the important factors that must be considered. These valuable pieces of information will help in proper treatment and preventing the negative effects of the drug.

Phentermine is available in various dosages. Your doctor may prescribe 15 mg, 30 mg, or 37.5 mg, depending on your weight and health condition. There are also some brands that offer extended-release capsules to maximize the efficacy of the drug.

The Most Effective Phentermine Dose

But what is the most effective Phentermine dose? If you have a BMI of 27 or more, what is the recommended dose? If you are morbidly obese, how many milligrams of Phentermine should you take? Our answers to these questions would be: it depends on your doctor’s assessment . As we’ve said, there are several factors that will determine the minimum and maximum dose that you can take.

Usually, obese patients take 37.5 mg. of Phentermine per day. It is taken as a single dose early in the morning, preferably before breakfast. Most users get their desired weight loss results with this dose. However, some doctors recommend taking it twice a day to lessen the possibility of experiencing adverse reactions.

If you want to take Phentermine 37.5 mg, consult your doctor. He or she can determine if this is the most effective dose for you. If you are already taking this appetite suppressant drug, there must be a continuous reduction in your weight. Losing 2-10 lbs per week is an indication that you are taking the right dose of Phentermine.

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Feb 22 2015

Withdrawal Symptoms of Phentermine Debunked

Published by under Phentermine

withdrawal-symptoms-phentermineA lot of obese people are still wary of the possible side effects of Phentermine when taken as a long-term treatment for obesity. Though the drug has manageable side effects compared with other weight loss medications, one of the side effects that scare them is the withdrawal symptom. Various published sources include it is a possible side effect when taken long-term.

Phentermine and the Withdrawal Symptoms

Phentermine belongs to the phenethylamine class of drugs and is classified as a psychostimulant drug. Its amphetamine-like composition is one of the reasons why users are warned of the possible addiction to the drug when used for a long time. In fact, most pharmaceutical companies include physical and psychological dependence as one of the possible side effects of Phentermine.

The withdrawal symptoms may appear if Phentermine is used longer than the prescribed treatment period and administered in higher doses. Perhaps, in that case, the users may even have to see a drug rehab professional for recovery. The withdrawal reactions may include fatigue, excessive drowsiness, tremors, and depression.

Users may likely experience these side effects if they suddenly stopped taking the drug. In addition, health experts usually advise patients not to take more than the recommended dose or use the weight loss drug longer than the prescribed period. Moreover, if you think that you have an addiction to Phentermine, consider seeing an expert with knowledge of drug recovery. Proper Phentermine tapering is also recommended to avoid such side effects.

Withdrawal Side Effects Not True

But a study debunked the amphetamine-like withdrawal side effects of Phentermine. According to Ed Hendricks, MD of the Center for Weight Management in Sacramento, California, abrupt cessation of Phentermine medication does not cause withdrawal symptoms. This was revealed in their study which was presented in the 20th European Congress on Obesity.

Dr. Hendricks said that the worldwide usage of Phentermine has been curtailed because of persistent fears that the drug might induce addiction. But the results of their study suggest that long-term use of Phentermine does not cause addiction.

The researchers used a modified Amphetamine Withdrawal Questionnaire to get responses from 76 subjects. These respondents have been on Phentermine medication for more than a year and their mean dose is 54 mg/day. The group recorded the responses of their subjects when they withheld the medication for 2 days. According to the researchers, the data that they have gathered failed to prove that Phentermine is really causing withdrawals symptoms. The only significant finding of the study is hyperphagia, a condition that makes an individual crave for more food or feel excessive hunger. This is not alarming since the main function of the drug is to suppress appetite.

Dr. Hendricks said, as quoted by The Medpage Today, that the evidence they have gathered strongly suggests that Phentermine is far safer than what is commonly assumed. “It is indeed unfortunate that these misconceptions hinder the availability of an effective, affordable medicine for treating obesity,” he added.

Phentermine Users Need not Worry

With these findings, obese people like you will now be more at ease while on Phentermine medication knowing that you’ll not experience the amphetamine-like withdrawal symptoms. But to be sure that you’ll not experience the other side effects of the drug, it is best to follow the advice of your health care provider. Use it as directed and never self-medicate. Obesity, though a serious medical condition, can be managed and treated as long as you are dedicated and willing to be on a monitored weight loss regimen.

Achieving a healthy weight is always possible by taking Phentermine and following a reduced-calorie diet, exercise, and positive lifestyle changes.

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Feb 18 2015

Is Qsymia an Effective Weight Loss Drug?

Published by under Weight Loss

qsymia-weight-loss-drugThe FDA has been very cautious in approving new weight loss medications to protect the public from dangerous weight loss products. In fact, there were previous weight loss combo-drugs that were pulled out from the market because of their undesirable side effects. One example is FenPhen, a combination of Fenfluramine and Phentermine. Another one is Dexfenfluramine. These drugs caused valvular heart disease and other serious side effects. Meridia was also removed from the market because it can increase the risks of heart attacks and stroke.

But some pharmaceutical companies did not stop in finding new drugs that can effectively treat obesity. Vivus Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Qsymia, was able to get the approval of FDA after conducting clinical trials and complying with the requirements of the agency. Since the drug is approved by the said regulatory body, it means that Qsymia has proven its capability to treat overweight and obese patients.

Read on and find out if Qsymia is the right drug that can help in your weight loss regimen.

Knowing Qsymia’s Composition

Qsymia is classified as a CIV drug and intended for long-term obesity treatment. It is recommended for people with a BMI of 27 or greater (overweight) and 30 and above (obese). It is a combo-drug that contains Phentermine, an appetite suppressant drug and Topiramate, a medicine used to treat seizure and migraine.

These are the active ingredients of Qsymia:

• Phentermine. This appetite suppressant drug has been in the market for decades already. Its main function is to trigger the release of a certain brain chemical that controls appetite. It also provides additional energy that helps users burn more calories. Phentermine is commonly prescribed for short-term obesity treatment.

• Topiramate. Though this drug’s original function is to treat seizure and migraine, it has also shown qualities that can help in weight loss. It is known to increase the feeling of fullness and makes food taste less appealing. It also helps improve metabolism.

The Right Dosage for Your Weight Loss Needs

Qsymia is available in different dosages to address the specific needs of obese patients. Your doctor will determine the right dose to ensure minimal adverse reactions and obtain maximum weight loss effects. However, if there is no notable positive effects after 12 weeks of medication, you doctor should adjust the dosage and reassess the treatment. It is best to stop taking Qsymia if the patient is not responding to the treatment as it may result to other serious medical complications that may endanger his or her life.

Here are the different options if you choose Qsymia for your weight loss treatment:

Treatment/ Dosage

starting dose – 3.15 mg/23 mg
recommended dose – 7.5 mg/46 mg
titration – 11.25 mg/ 69 mg
maximum dose – 15 mg/92 mg

Average Weight Loss When Taking Qsymia

According to Qsymia’s website, the user’s average weight loss ranges from 22-28 pounds after a year of treatment. However, the amount varies and depends on a lot of factors. There are some people who have achieved dramatic weight loss when treated with this drug while others just get minimal results.

Is Qsymia the Answer to Your Weight Problems?

Qsymia is one of the many weight loss drugs used to treat obesity. Since its introduction in the market in 2012, it has proven its capability to maintain and reduce the weight of most overweight and obese people. For many obese patients who have enjoyed the weight loss benefits of the drug, Qsymia is the answer to their weight-related problems.

But if you haven’t tried this weight loss drug, it is still better to ask the advice of your health care professional. He or she can determine if Qsymia is the right medication for your medical problem. You have to take note that the drug can cause mild to serious side effects. These may include dizziness, increased heart rate, depression, low blood sugar, and birth defects. The manufacturer warns that the drug can cause seizures when stopped abruptly. Always ask the guidance of your doctor when taking Qsymia.

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Feb 13 2015

What is the Best Phentermine Brand for Weight Loss?

Published by under Phentermine

best-phentermine-brand-for-weight-lossWe are certain that most of you would ask this question: What is the best Phentermine brand available in the market today? With so many brands to choose from, it would be difficult to determine which of these brands offer faster and better results. You add to this dilemma the intensive marketing efforts done by some pharmaceutical companies to market their brand of Phentermine. These companies will try to convince users that their product is much better than the others. Some would even try to use testimonials just to prove that their weight loss product is more effective in treating obesity and overweight problems.

If you are one of the countless obese people who are also confused on what brand to take, please continue reading this article and we’ll help you find the best Phentermine brand that will work for you.

Branded or Generic: You Choose

Before we discuss the different brands of Phentermine, obese patients have two options when choosing this type of weight loss drug. They can opt for the generic versions of Phentermine or buy the branded ones.

Choosing the generic version doesn’t mean that the drug is inferior or offer minimal weight loss results. It contains Phentermine HCL and also available in dosages similar to the branded pills. The major differences would only be in the packaging and how it is being marketed.

Meanwhile, the branded Phentermine are manufactured and labeled by pharmaceutical companies. The pill usually costs higher than the generic version because of intensive marketing, different packaging, modern manufacturing processes, and composition of the weight loss drug.

But whichever type you choose for your weight loss regimen, you need to secure first a prescription for the drug. It requires a valid prescription before you can buy from pharmacies and other online health stores.

The Dosage Matter

The effectiveness of Phentermine largely depends on the dosage prescribed by your doctor or health care practitioner. Since the drug is available in different dosage combination, your doctor should be able to determine the right dosage and intake frequency for you. There are some obese who respond better to lower dosages but there are also some who need higher dosages to experience positive weight loss results.

Your doctor may prescribe the 15mg or 30mg depending on your current medical conditions. For example, it is carefully administered to people with cardiovascular diseases and other serious medical conditions. There is also the Phentermine 37.5, which is touted as the most potent Phentermine that you can find today.

Branded Phentermine

Since the introduction of Phentermine in the early 1950′s, there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies that tried to introduce their own brand of Phentermine. But only some can withstand the stiff competition in the weight loss industry. Some were easily defeated by competition while other manufacturers were able gain their ground up to now.

Some of the popular Phentermine brands include:

• Obynix
• Suprenza
• Ionamin

Phentermine: Providing Weight Loss Results

The positive weight loss effect of Phentermine is unquestionable. It already helped countless obese patients lose their weight within three months of medication. But the amount of lost weight still depends on a lot of factors like the lifestyle of the patient, the dosage, and his or her reaction to the drug. As long as you are taking genuine Phentermine, regardless if it is generic or branded, you can expect fast and long term weight loss results.

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