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Nov 26 2014

Effective Ways to Avoid Insomnia While on Phentermine Medication

Published by at 12:16 am under Phentermine

avoid-insomnia-caused-by-phentermineInsomnia affects 30% of adults in the country and around 10% have severe symptoms that may result in daytime sleepiness, poor concentration, and even accidents. It may also increase your risk of getting certain medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

This sleep disorder can be caused by various factors. It can be due to psychological conditions, environmental changes, stressful events, and medications. Some people suffer from long-term insomnia while others may just experience transient insomnia. Treatment for the same could also vary – from somnologists to medications (similar to Sleepy’s Express – best proabiotics in Aus)! But what should one do when insomnia is the after-effect of phentermine?

Phentermine-induced Insomnia

If you are obese and taking some prescription drugs, you may have already experienced this condition. Insomnia is a common side effect of taking weight loss drugs particularly those classified as appetite suppressants. One example is Phentermine, an anti-obesity drug that effectively controls appetite. Though the side effects are considered mild, short-term, and manageable, it is still best to avoid them as much as possible. Remember, insomnia can lead to other serious health conditions and may even lead to fatal accidents because of daytime sleepiness. So consult a sleep doctor if you are facing serious sleeplessness issues.

Effective Ways to Counter Insomnia

You don’t have to worry if you are on Phentermine medication since there are ways on how to effectively counter Phentermine-induced insomnia. In fact, most people only encounter mild symptoms and their sleeping pattern returns to normal after completing the Phentermine treatment.

Here are some proven methods and effective ways to counter insomnia:

  • Take Phentermine early in the morning. One of the best ways to avoid this sleep disorder is to take your Phentermine early in the day. It can be taken on an empty stomach before breakfast or 1 to 2 hours after breakfast. The recommended intake of single-dose Phentermine is early in the morning.
  • Avoid caffeine-rich food and drinks. Caffeine can trigger insomnia so you must avoid it as much as possible. Aside from coffee, you must also avoid taking caffeine-rich beverages such as energy drinks, soda, and soft drinks. You must also reduce your consumption of caffeine-rich food such as chocolates and coffee-flavored yogurt and ice cream.
  • Take the right dosage. Users may have different reactions to Phentermine. There are some who can take higher dosage while some can only tolerate lower dosage. Please tell your doctor if your sleeping pattern is affected while you are on Phentermine medication. He or she will adjust the dosage to meet your body’s tolerance to the weight loss drug. For example, if you are taking Phentermine 37.5 mg once daily, your health care practitioner may advice you to take it twice a day at a lower dosage.
  • Maintain good sleep hygiene. Maintaining a sleeping schedule will not only make you healthy but also avoid sleeping problems. You must also ensure that you have a comfortable sleeping environment. That mean, if you have any allergy issues, find ways to tackle them. Dust allergy is very common. If you have dust problem, consider getting the best vacuum for allergies and run the machine everyday to keep your bedroom clean. Besides this, try to relax by meditating. Also, avoid eating a heavy meal late at night to help prevent insomnia.

There are other effective methods to counter insomnia, especially if it is caused by Phentermine intake. Tell your doctor if you are experiencing some changes in your sleeping patterns so he or she can recommend the right solution. He may suggest you take something similar to the Psilocybin mushroom or can even prescribe medicines, depending on the intensity of the problem. The former, which can be sourced from a site similar to is known for its hallucinogenic effects and can work wonders to induce sleep. Do not, however, resort to sleeping pills or other over-the-counter medications since they may counteract with Phentermine. Taking them without your doctor’s approval may result in serious side effects.

Effective Weight Loss without the Side Effects

Phentermine is generally a safe weight loss medication. When properly used and prescribed by a health care professional, you can achieve your weight loss goal without suffering from any of the side effects that may be caused by the drug.

And if you feel that Phentermine is the primary cause of your insomnia, please try the tips mentioned above. They are not only proven effective but also ensure that your weight loss treatment will become successful.

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