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Aug 22 2014

What Makes Phentermine the Most Prescribed Weight Loss Drug for Obesity?

Published by at 8:31 am under Obesity

Phentermine-weight-loss-drug-for-obesityObesity is still considered a major health problem in the country today. Recent studies revealed that more than one-third of Americans are obese and the percentage of young adults suffering from the complications of such condition is also alarming. Although the government is doing its best to address the problem (the US healthcare system’s estimated annual spending on obesity-related cases is around $147- $210 billion), it is not enough to control the disease. Health practitioners all agree that the best way to reduce the prevalence of obesity in the country is to educate people about its risks and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle. But in some cases where a change in lifestyle is not enough, weight loss medication is necessary.

The Most Prescribed Weight Loss Drug for Obese People

There are a lot of weight loss medications available in the market promising fast and effective treatment of obesity. However, not all of them can provide long term benefits and ensure weight loss. For example, there are anti-obesity drugs that can cause severe diarrhea and increase the risks of patients of getting heart diseases. There are also some types that should be taken for several months to sustain weight reduction.

If you have taken some of these medications and still not getting your desired weight, then it’s time to take a look at another great option – Phentermine. This anti-obesity medication is probably the most prescribed weight loss drug for obese people. Doctors and health care professionals prefer this drug over other alternatives because of its effectiveness and tolerable side effects.

Manageable Side Effects

Since obese people are already at risk or suffering from the complications of obesity, doctors carefully choose the kind of treatment that will be most appropriate for them. The weight loss medications should not trigger or worsen their existing medical conditions. Most obese are prone to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, sleep apnea, and other obesity-related illnesses.

And the anti-obesity drug that is generally safe for obese people is Phentermine. Its side effects range from mild to moderate and can be effectively managed with the help of a health care professional. The common side effects include dry mouth, lack of appetite, mood swings, restlessness, and nervousness.

Short Term Treatment but Offers Great Results

Phentermine is a short term medication for obesity. The treatment usually last for three months but the length can be shorter or longer depending on the response of the patient. Within the prescribed period, users can already experience noticeable weight loss. Most of them reported a 10-30 lbs weight loss during the first month of taking the medication.

The effectiveness of Phentermine in treating obesity is attributed to its main function. It primarily works by controlling the appetite of the user and improve his or her body’s metabolism. Since overeating is one of the major causes of obesity, this drug is the perfect medication for people who can’t control their hunger pangs.

Ask Your Health Care Professional about Phentermine

Obesity is a medical condition that needs immediate treatment. If you have a BMI that range from 25 to 29 or you are already suffering from one of the complications of obesity, consult your doctor. You may already need medical intervention. Also, ask your doctor about Phentermine as an option for your weight loss regimen.

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