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Losing the food battle: Habit versus hunger

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Losing the food battle: Habit versus hunger

Postby LeilaM » Wed Sep 28, 2016 8:29 am

I started using Adipex 2 months ago. Although I am trying really hard to stick to the dieting side of it, I must confess that I do eat things that I am not supposed to. I have lost 6.5 pounds so far, so it does seem to be working. My problem seems to be that I eat out of habit rather than because I am hungry. I can't seem to stop snacking the whole day, and yet I have no appetite. Any advice? Thanks.
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Re: Losing the food battle: Habit versus hunger

Postby Erin25 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:11 am

This is one of the hardest things to overcome when it comes to dieting. I used to be this way too. Normally, it is when I'm doing something mindless like watching TV that I have to be eating something. It took a few months for me to stop doing this but now I stop and ask myself if I'm really hungry or not. It has also helped to drink water first before I make a final decision. If you can't stop, then make sure you have healthy snack options to grab instead.
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Re: Losing the food battle: Habit versus hunger

Postby Disco » Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:57 pm

I completely get you. And if you're like me, you then think "oh I've lost a bit of weight so I can afford to eat something naughty". It is just habit. This whole journey just needs you to tweak your attitude a bit.
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